Masonic Gear For The Proud Freemason

Hello kind reader. Welcome the another edition of masonic regalia showcase where we feature cool items and masonic merchandise from the site The Freemason Store. Today we’re showcasing some masonic gear that will show the world you’re proud of the fraternity.

I managed to find some really interesting items that I would of never known could be bought LOL. A perfect example of this would be this masonic shopping bag! 😀

Masonic Shopping Bag


Help the environment and show off your affiliation to the craft by getting yourself one of these reusable shopping bags! It’s available in 8 colors and you can see the full selection of bags on this page.

Baseball Cap With Masonic Emblem


Just one of the 200+ baseball caps available on the Freemason Store. You can see the whole selection here of caps here.

A Masonic Cooking Apron! 


No no, not that type of apron! I’m talking about the aprons you wear in the kitchen. If you’re a cooking man this item is for you. You can also gift this to your lovely lady and I’m sure she’d love it. More aprons here!

Onyx Effect Cufflinks


Simple, stylish and elegant. These gorgeous cufflinks will be the perfect addition to your collection. See more cufflinks at the masonic store.

Masonic Outerwear


See the full 190 piece selection of masonic pullovers, jackets and outerwear on this page.

How’d you like these items brethren? Some really neat stuff there right!? You can find more information on these and many other products on the official page of the Freemason store here.

For those that don’t know, we affiliate with the Freemason Store to bring you the best quality and the best prices in masonic accessories through our regalia showcases. To see why we feature items from Freemason Store you can do so by reading our review of the store.

Thank you for visiting and for reading, feel free to share this page and our site to more brothers. We’d greatly appreciate your support.

Till next time…

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