Freemasons are considered as the global elite who control the world. Most people think that this society is all about power, money, masked-parties, and world domination.

However, the reality is different.

In reality, Freemasons are the target of this conspiracy theory mainly because for promoting anti-Christian ideology.


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According to one Master Mason, ‘Bankers control the world, not us.’ And, it is 100% true.

The things that make them a hot topic for conspiracy theorists are their mysterious nature and secret traditions.

They have their own beliefs, ideas, codes, and traditions that are latent and not as exposed as other societies in the world.

For example, they have their own lodges, secret handshakes, brotherly support, traditions, rituals, and beliefs that make them different.

In addition, they have their own fondness for secrecy too that lead to outlandish speculation.

Though it doesn’t mean they are aiming for world domination or own the governments.

Luckily, we have managed to speak with 2-3 Master Masons from America in order to find out what the deal really is… So, pull your socks up and keep on reading…

do freemasons really control the world

Q: Who Are The Freemasons?

Freemasonry is a fraternal, member-only organization who are guided by intellectual science and spiritual journey.

The aim is to support each other and make good men better.

Q: Do Freemasons Worship The Devil?

No, Freemasons do not worship the devil and they don’t perform human sacrifices either.

Unfortunately, it’s a widely believed misconception that damages the reputation of the Craft.

We only have a firm belief on the Grand Architect of The Universe, G.A.O.T.U.

It is a designation which is used within the Freemasonry to represent the deity naturally.

Q: Is Freemasonry a Secret Order?

Well, it depends

It is true Freemasons hold meetings in private that perhaps breed curiosity, but those meetings are usually about charity, new members, and normal discussions.

Furthermore, it is not utterly straightforward to join our organization. There are a proper test and assessment before your acceptance in the Lodge.

Q: Do Freemasons Really Control the world?

This isn’t true at all.

Even if a Freemason is holding a powerful position in the government, it doesn’t mean he/us is controlling the world.

Also, his beliefs won’t interfere with the official-level decisions and won’t compel him to favour his brothers more than a common man.

Many of our members have risen to powerful positions.

From the boardrooms of Wall Street to the corridors of government buildings, you will find Masons almost everywhere, but again they aren’t the part of any shadowy government or planning to create the first ‘Masonic Government’.

They are performing their duties with unbounded enthusiasm.

Q: Are Freemasons Part of The ‘New World Order’?

It is a notoriously vague conspiracy theory.

Freemasonry has no part in any “world order” which is planning to topple the governments all around the world.

We know there is a constant allegation on Freemasonry regarding having a hidden political agenda to support New World Order, but this isn’t correct.

Masons have their own Masonic principles and we aren’t interested in controlling world power in any way.

Q: Are Freemasons The Same As The Illuminati?

No, Freemasons don’t have any connection with the Illuminati.

It is a completely separate organization which is also about the secret group of like-minded individuals.

Concluding Thoughts

This small interview banishes many misconceptions and conspiracy theories against Freemasonry.

It shows us it is a simple organization that values its own rules and philosophy.

There aren’t any foreign powers of Satan or evil that are influencing them or compelling them to rule the world.

Their weird, secret nature, ritual, and antique ways of acting keep them under the radar, but in actuality;

When we investigate it further it is more like an extreme form of democracy where each lodge has its own rules and all the members have the right to ask questions or raise concerns in case something is happening against the constitution of the lodge.




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