Is Freemasonry Still Relevant?

Is Freemasonry still relevant in today’s busy world!?

Find out what fellow freemasons are saying about our craft and how it’s changing and coping with the fast life of today.

Where is the fraternity heading in the future?

There were over 9,000,000 freemasons in the world since 1730, 5,000,000 walk among us today so my personal idea is that YES, freemasonry is still relevant and even more than it has ever been. It’s all explained in the video below!

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  1. Blue Lodge Freemasonry, the true Foundation of all other systems, will continue… but it may be necessary to return to the practices of the past due to the rising influence of religious and political belief systems that look upon Freemasonry as something totally evil. That is, we may find it necessary to meet in secret, as is currently necessary in many places in the world where the authorities believe they’ve eliminated us, but where we still have Lodges.

    Personally, although I’ve benefited in many ways from my association with the Scottish Rite… especially the scholarly works of Albert Pike… the SR has long been an organization that seems more interested in assisting the repressive elements than in spreading the ideas of genuine Liberty, Knowledge, and Equality under Law. In many places, the SR so dominates that they literally crush any Blue Lodge that resists their efforts to control the Lodge.

    Blue Lodge Freemasonry was the key to the founding of the United States. It played an important role in the military organization headed by George Washington. It also influenced the resulting Constitution. It is an Order that fulfills the Torah requirements for implementing a truly Human culture and civilization. This is not currently acknowledged, yet at some point the weight of facts and history will prevail. Until then, those who denigrate and demonize Freemasonry (in any of its forms) are the ones who represent danger to Humanity. Join a Blue Lodge and implement the things you learn there.

    With Fraternal Respect…
    A Master Mason living in Israel

    • Your comments are very sobering. Rather than retreat to secrecy, as though we have dangerous secrets, wouldn’t better education of the public be a preferable alternative? I realize there are countries with truly oppressive systems where that will not work. Masons in those countries must adapt in such a way that their safety is foremost. But for the rest of the world, I hope secrecy is not the best solution.

  2. I believe that Freemasonry is still relevant. I feel that if it dies than all of Humanity dies. I feel that this is a part of us as a society. I can say this Mainly for the Rainbow Girls but i feel this still applies to all parts of Freemasonry.

  3. The world would be a much safer and prosperous place if everyone in it behaved like Masons.
    We have a strict moral code where religion or politics do not enter the lodge room. Most of the current and past conflicts over the world have been caused by disagreements over these two issues We all do our best for each other and the fact that we assist such a wide variety of non masonic bodies nowadays, must be highlighted. We really do try to assist anyone less fortunate than ourselves irrespective of class creed or colour.

  4. Secrecy is necessary in repressive states, societies, cultures… such as those found in places where Islam dominates. Islam isn’t the only repressive (anti-Freemason) society and culture, but it’s currently the most horrific one… a regression to the dark times we experienced in Europe.

    Because the Blue Lodge emphasizes the universal Laws that define genuine Human culture, it will continue in spite of all efforts to eradicate it. Shadows can’t eradicate Light.


  5. Personally, because of goofy things available about freemasonry, I am developing a presentation to be held in our Lodge for the general public concerning what Freemasonry is REALLY about and what’s it’s not. I plan to have petitions available.

  6. I’m not a member yet but I believe Freemason is relevant because now the world is confused,people are looking the light more than ever,so hole the only answer will be Freemason, I don’t for the other parts of the grobal but here in Africa Freemason will graw high because we feel this Christianity and Islamic are misleading us for not showing the clear light,how will you teach people to pray that will be healed without medicine, I can’t pretend that there is no opposition about Freemason, but is because the regimes and religions fear that if people will get light it won’t be easy to control them. I’m sure Freemason will get us out of modern slavery

  7. I had contacted a lodge here in Michigan to seek a petition however no one got back to me because i had a record from 1998 and I’m not working I’m on ssd so it felt like they didn’t want me and my father is/was most worshipful in Milwaukee Wisconsin also my brothers now i just read what i can so just in case one day the BROTHERHOOD comes around to letting me be a part of the fraternity. Until then I’m on my own seeking light n knowledge…..

    • You might be able to appeal to the Lodge and ask for a review of your circumstances. As a former Secretary of a Blue Lodge, I know of several such instances. Not all such appeals are successful… but it’s worth a try.

      Freemasonry won’t help you get a job, and won’t give you a free pass. Those who try to use their status as a Freemason will find it’s a big mistake to try to use that status to advance one’s professional life. However, like other things, such as military service, membership does indicate a number of positive things.

      Use this situation as an opportunity to reframe your life. Don’t give up. If the Creator has put it in your heart and mind that you need to become a Freemason, trust that there must be a way to accomplish this.

      All the best…

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