We've just unearthed 300+ Masonic books & publications from the 1800s and we made them ALL available for you below. Welcome to the....

Great Masonic Library

An entire collection of 300+ rare & out-of-print Masonic books, poems, illustrations & more...

300 rare masonic books

We have just finished curating 314 out-of-print Masonic books from the ~1800s and we want to make this publicly available to all our readers and subscribers.

We believe this collection is an important part of Masonic history and a treasure of Masonic literature from some of the best (known and unknown) Masonic authors from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

What You'll Find In These Masonic Books?

This collection holds various types of Masonic literature such as investigative pieces, public Lodge addresses, Masonic poems, fiction and non-fiction stories, historical facts about Masonry, Masonic lectures and much more.

There's even some anti-Masonic books in the collection which we decided to include as well for historical preservation purposes. 

what you will find in these books

How To Download The Great Masonic Library

You can find a link to the download page below, but;

To download all 300+ books, we humbly ask for a small donation.

At first we thought we could offer this for free but on reconsideration, we decided to add a little "cost of entry" to this mega-Library.

This is because we do NOT want just anyone to be able to download these books.

We want to make sure these books are treasured and admired by those who are genuinely interested in learning more about the Craft & its history.

By setting a relatively "low" cost of entry for these books in relation to what they are actually worth - some might say they are priceless - we feel this would discourage a lot of people from simply downloading the collection without ever taking the time to appreciate the depth, history and knowledge found these books.

How Did We Acquire These Books?

how did we acquire these masonic books

These books (which are in .pdf format) were passed on to me in a USB by a Brother who I met during one of my travels and was telling him about our website.

As it turns out; these books are so old that the copyrights of these books have long been expired so they are now considered to be "public domain books" which means; they can be shared with anyone.

Amazon.com does offer a select few of these books (at a premium price) but they REFUSE to list public domain books unless all profits go directly to Amazon - which I personally think is a bit sneaky.

They also have no interest in listing the entire collection seeing how the general public would not be interested in all of these books thus; it's simply not worth their time.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to curate, preserve and secure this collection for the future and make these books readily available to anyone who is willing to pay a small donation fee ($20) to get them and appreciate them for what they are.

Your donation will help us keep the file accessible and also keep the MasonicFind.com website going to continue to provide Masons and non-Masons worldwide a platform to share ideas.

Are Any Masonic Secrets Revealed In These Books?

any masonic secrets revealed in these books

Nope - no secrets are revealed in this Library

We carefully curated these books to make sure no ritual secrets are revealed to the un-initiated.

We do have a smaller collection of books that do show the Masonic ritual, but those are available on request and they will be shared ONLY on presentation of a recent dues card with your name and Lodge.


Apart from getting unrestricted access to all 314 titles, with your $20 donation, you will also be getting:

A $20 cash-back voucher from the MasonicFind Store

Included with every purchase is a special one-time $20 cash-back voucher which you can use on the MasonicFind Store - this offer applies on orders exceeding $60.

Access to the "Restricted" Section of the Library (On Request)

Some Masonic books from this collection have been excluded due to the content of the books.

There are an extra 28 titles which we'll send out for free to anyone who confirms their affiliation by sending us a picture of his latest dues card.

A Sample of Books From The 314 In The Total Collection

(You can click on any book on this page to get a closer look at the front cover)

Masonic Books 02
Masonic Books 05
Masonic Books 04
Masonic Books 03
Masonic Books 01
Masonic Books 06


With a one-time donation of....



Here's what you will get:

  • $20 Cash-Back voucher from the MasonicFind Store
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    Access to 300+ rare & out-of-print Masonic books
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    An extra collection of 28 titles (on presentation of a dues card)
  • 2.94 GB of pure Masonic Light
  • Masonic Books which are NOT available anywhere else
  • Lifetime access to the Great Masonic Library
  • 100% Free to share with any Brethren & Lodge

You boys do a lot for the community - but this has to be one of the best resources you've ever come up with both for new and old Masons such as myself.

Bro. Konrad Lane

Past Master

I love seeing the notes and markings from the past owners of these books. This collection needs to be preserved and held sacred. I even found our Lodge referenced in one the books from 1827

Bro. Jeremiah Talley

Past Master & Lodge Secretary