UNCOVERED: A Collection of 340+ Rare & Out-of-Print Masonic Books From The 1800s Digitized & Made Available For All Brethren In Good Standing!

In 48 B.C, during the Siege of Alexandria, Julius Caesar’s army set fire to the Great Library of Alexandria effectively destroying an estimated 40,000 scrolls, ancient artifacts, and sacred texts we’ll never ever get to read or see.

According to historians, we’ve lost so much knowledge in that fire, it set humanity back hundreds of years.

Who can tell what mysteries and ancient knowledge these texts held?

Where could humanity be by now if we knew the secrets, knowledge, and technology these ancient civilizations uncovered for us?

Unfortunately, we’ll never know. But we can prevent the same tragedy from happening ever again.

INTRODUCING: The Great Masonic Library

The Great Masonic Library Covers

The Great Masonic Library is a collective effort to digitize and preserve 300+ Masonic books and other literary texts starting from as early as 1749.

Lost to time due to expired copyrights and a dwindling interest in Freemasonry, many of these books have long been lost and would’ve most likely been forgotten forever, if it wasn’t for this concentrated effort to safe-keep them for current and future generations of Freemasons and historians.

"It’s a collection unlike anything anyone has ever seen before".

Even most Freemasons alive today are unaware of most of these texts from literary greats such as:

  • George Washington
  • Albert Pike
  • AG Mackey
  • Robert Gould
  • Lee Stephen Tillotson
  • Swedenborg
  • W.G Clarke
  • and many others.

The good news is that the entire Library is now available – and will remain available – thanks to the power of the internet.

The Great Masonic Library (300+ Rare Masonic Books) - MasonicFind

Here are just some of the 340+ titles available in this collection:

  • History of Freemasonry Throughout The World (Volume 1 to 6)
  • An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry (Volume 1-3)
  • A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom
  • A Short View of The History of Freemasonry
  • A Study in American Masonry
  • A System of Speculative Masonry
  • Mithraism Freemasonry and The Ancient Mysteries
  • Morals and Dogma
  • Mormonism and Masonry
  • The Origin of Freemasonry and Knights Templar
  • The Origin of Masonic Ritual and Tradition
  • The Origin of The Royal Arch
  • The Principles of Masonic Law
  • and much, much more!
Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

NEW: The Great Masonic Library Membership Website

The Great Masonic Library membership website.

The entire collection was initially made available as a zip file containing all the books, which was not at all practical.

Since it's a massive collection, it requires plenty of free disk space on your computer and it was unusable on mobile.

This is why we've now created.... the Great Masonic Library membership website.

Once you subscribe, you will be given access to the entire Library both as a zip file (if you wish) and also the membership website which you'd be able to access via the login password delivered at checkout.

While you're more than welcome to download the books to your computer, the GML membership website allows you to:

  • Access the library 24/7 anytime, anywhere.
  • Browse and download any individual book of your choosing.
  • Read any book while on the go via the mobile reader.
  • Network, share and recommend any book you’d like to other community others.

This new update finally makes this remarkable collection more accessible to anyone who can appreciate the immense depth, knowledge, Light & history these books offer.

Super-Special Bonuses Include With The Great Masonic Library

Bonus #1: 100 Facts About Freemasonry (Almost Nobody Knows) - $20 - FREE!

We've recently released a new book listing 100+ facts about Freemasonry (almost nobody knows). Illustrated by symbols (& images), this book goes beyond the "obvious" and dives deep into weird, obscure and wonderful facts about Freemasonry's history. This book currently sells for $20, but it's yours - for free - inside the Great Masonic Library.

Bonus #2: How To Become A Freemason - $10 - FREE!

If you're not a Freemason (but you're interested in the Freemasonry and the esoteric genre) you can still learn a lot from the historical books in this collection. On the other hand, if you're curious on how to join, we've also included our latest best-selling book 'How To Become A Freemason" for free.

Bonus #3: Early-Bird Access To Every New Book We Publish - FREE!

The editorial team here at MasonicFind.com is always busy creating something new. We've got 3 new books in the works which should be released sometime this year. As a member of the Great Masonic Library, you will be always get all of our future releases for free (and before anyone else too). 

Bonus #4: Access To 29 Additional Books Inside Restricted Section - FREE!

A few of the books inside the Great Masonic Library contain information which can not be made available for the general (uninitiated) public. This is why we've separated these additional 29 titles and made them available only inside "The Restricted" section on the membership website and they can be unlocked using the MM password. 

NB: These extra bonuses won't last long. If you'd like access to all 340+ books (& get all 4 bonuses), join the GML today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need a Kindle?

No, you don’t need a Kindle. The built-in reader app we have set up allows you to read (just like you would on a Kindle) all the books available in the Library. If you do own a Kindle and wish to read these books on a Kindle instead, you can use the “Send to Kindle” feature.

You can also download the entire Library (or individual books) to your computer and read them with any .pdf reader.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees and no shipping costs to worry about. The $50 donation is a one-time fee, and you will have access to the entire digital library - for life.

Q: Can I share these books with others?

Of course, and you're encourage you to do so. Feel free to share any of these books with anyone you’d think would appreciate their value. Just remember be cautious of who you share this collection with.

See what our current lifetime members are saying....

I purchased this as a gift. The books are quite informative and a very good starting point for the budding Masonic scholar.

SW Jörg Foerster

This library is an interesting work on Freemasonry's history. I enjoyed exploring all the different rare books here. It's been great company during lockdown.

MM Alex Glover

If anyone wants to know more about Freemasonry, I highly recommend this book. I have been a Freemason for twenty-five years, and I learned a lot about the history of our wonderful fraternity.

Robert Brennan

Every book in this library makes me proud to be a Mason. It's an incredible collection that should be treasured. 

Logan Doherty

I've found my Lodge mentioned in one of these books. It's from 1821! I can't believe it!

MM Mike Johnson

Thank you for making this available, I loved the entire collection, my only regret is that I won't live long enough to read all these incredible books.

PM Terry Burlow

This is an incredible collection fellas – well done. Thank you for making it available to the rest of us.

Stephen A. Gilbertson

I've been looking for something like this for 23 years.

WM Wayne S.

It's both amazing and shocking what you will learn about the History of the Craft inside some of these books.

Steven Felton

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NB: Some books may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe these books are culturally important, and despite their imperfections, we have decided to make them available as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of Masonic literature. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process and hope you enjoy this library.