The Great Masonic Library (314 Rare & Out-of-Print Masonic Books From The Mid 1800s)

How would you like to be one of the very few people in the world to have access to the most complete collection of Masonic books and literature?

How would you like to have unlimited access to 300+ of the best books from some of the brightest yet long-forgotten Masonic authors from the 1800s?

Well – congratulations Brother, you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to the Great Masonic Library.

300 rare masonic books

The Great Masonic Library is a collection of 314 out-of-print Masonic books from some of the most respected authors of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Lost in the mists of time, with expired copyrights and a dwindling interest in Freemasonry over the centuries;

Most of these books have long-been forgotten by generation after generation of Freemasons who sadly don’t know these books even exist.

The good news is, MasonicFind has managed to grab a digitized copy of all these books and now we’ve made them all available to download – and I’m going to show you how to get them.

But first, I want to share a quick story with you:

There I was, sweating and panicking about my first time working a Lodge.

I had spent weeks memorizing my lines and the night has arrived – it was time for me to give a small lecture for an Entered Apprentice degree.

To keep the story short – I nailed it.

So much so, that a few of the older (visiting) gentlemen came up to me and congratulated me on my work describing it as “a job-well-done for someone so young”.

I then proceed to have a conversation with one of these gentlemen telling him how much I’ve been reading (and memorising) and the conversation shifted into the topic of Masonic books we’ve been reading.

I told him how I’ve been going down the rabbit hole lately trying to read as many books as I possibly can and shortly afterwards, this gentleman pulls out a USB drive (from one of the most beautiful black leather briefcase I’ve ever seen), hands it over to me and says;

“You Will Never Find These Books on the Interwebz Son”

any masonic secrets revealed in these books

how did we acquire these masonic books

He told me to take the USB home, get the books and then return the USB drive to him “whenever we meet again”.

“Will do, thank you very much!” I said, not thinking much of it (but slightly-surprised at this man’s generosity and trust).

The next morning, I slid the USB into my home computer and low and behold;

The 300+ books which we now refer to as “The Great Masonic Library”.

Up to this point I have been reading and researching books online with a long reading-list ahead of me but none of them included any of these 300+ titles

These were all Masonic books, poems and illustrations which had been published in the late-1700s and mid-1800s and very-few people alive today even know about them.

“This Collection MUST Be Made Available To Brethren Worldwide”

Masonic Books 02

Masonic Books 03

It would be a shame if all these books got lost forever. won’t list them (since they probably don’t even know they exist), and the chances of running into any of these books at a public Library are slim to none.

By then me and a two other Brothers had already created the MasonicFind website so I got to thinking about how we can make these all available for all the Brethren worldwide.

Hence why we’ve now created the Great Masonic Library.

But there’s a problem…

These Books Are Not For Everyone…

These books are ONLY for those who can appreciate the immense depth, knowledge, Light & history these books offer.

In other words, I don’t want to make this collection available to anyone who is just looking for a freebie to download and never appreciate.

This is why we’ve bundled up all 314 books (+ an additional 28 titles which you’ll learn about below) and made them all available for a small, yet-helpful $20 donation.

By setting a relatively “low” cost of entry for these books in relation to what they are actually worth – some would say they are priceless;

We can make sure freebie-hunters do not gain access and the small donation will help make sure we keep funding the costs associated with keeping this huge Library available for generations to come.

Down below I’m going to share with you a few bonuses that will come with your donation, but if you’re interested;

You can CLICK HERE to get a copy of The Great Masonic Library.

The Great Masonic Library (Bonuses & FAQs)

Masonic Books 04

Masonic Books 05

✔️ Access to All 314 Masonic Books

With your $20 donation, you will be getting instant access to all 314 titles (see titles here).

You will get a download link to the file, which is a 3.4GB file (thus you do need a computer – not a phone – to download the entire Library)

✔️ BONUS 01: Access To 28 Additional Titles (For Free)

The original collection as it was handed to me via USB also had a few titles which are not for the uninitiated.

We made sure to exclude all of these titles from the main Library and instead, we put them in a sperate file titled “The Restricted Masonic Library”.

If you’d like to get access to the 28 extra Masonic books, please forward us an email with a recently-paid dues card thus confirming you are actually a member.

We will then forward you the additional (restricted) books free of charge.

✔️ BONUS 02: A $20 Cash-Back Voucher From The MasonicFind Store

With your $20, you will also get a $20 cash-back voucher you can use on the MasonicFind Store.

You’d basically be getting your money back, 314+ books + you’ll be helping us keep the Great Masonic Library accessible for years to come.

✔️ Free To Share With All Brethren Whom You Think Should See This

The Great Masonic Library is yours to keep, cherish & share.

Be sure to share these books with as many Brethren as you seem fit.

You can even send them the downloadable file if need be (we won’t mind). The only thing we ask is to share them only with those you know would appreciate such a historical collection.

The Great Masonic Library FAQs:

what you will find in these books

Masonic Books 06

Q: Do you need a Kindle?

All of these books come in .pdf format, which means you do not need a Kindle reader to be able to read them – any modern computer/laptop will do.

However, if you do have a Kindle, you can easily upload them all to your Kindle folder and read them as you would through your device.

Q: Can you download this from your phone?

No. Unfortunately, you are going to need a laptop or a desktop to be able to download these books.

This is a 3.4GB file with 300+ books all hundreds of pages long with pictures.

While you can still send in your donation and get access to all these books through a smartphone, it would be near-impossible to download all 3.4GB on your smartphone.

Q: Can you get these books individually?

Yes, you can.

In fact, Amazon does offer just a handful of titles from this collection on their website.

One such book is the Morals & Dogma book by legendary author and poet Albert Pike.

Just that one book sells for $29.95 on Amazon, but you can get that same book + 313 other titles for a one time fee of $20 (and you can share these book as you please).

Morals And Dogma

How To Get Your Copy of The Great Masonic Library

Want to help us preserve centuries of Masonic wisdom for future generations + get access to the Library?

<< CLICK HERE to download the Great Masonic Library >>

(You’ll also get to see a complete list of book titles you will be getting).

Once you go through the checkout process, you will be given instructions on:

  • How to download all 314 books (you won’t need to download them one by one)
  • How to claim your $20 voucher from the MasonicFind Store and
  • How to get the 28 additional “restricted” titles for free.

What Our Donors Are Saying…

Masonic Books 01

“I’ve found my Lodge mentioned in one of these books. It’s from 1821! I can’t believe it!” – MM Mike Johnson

“Thank you for making this available, I loved the entire collection, my only regret is that I won’t live long enough to read all these incredible books” – PM Terry Burlow

“This is an incredible collection fellas – well done. Thank you for making it available to the rest of us” – MM Stephen A. Gilbertson

“I’ve been looking for something like this for 36 years” – WM Wayne S. Rothstein

“It’s amazing what you will learn about the History of the Craft” – MM Steven Felton

“Got this for my husband! He loved it! Thank you so much!” – Leslie R. Howell