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  1. You’re doing a good job. Hope it’s at least paying your operations costs.

    Would like to see more brief articles about the real history of Freemasonry — especially about how it started off as a simple, Bible-based movement, then later expanded into the many different groups.

    Also, more information about George Washington and his inner circle would be helpful.

    Keep up the Work.

    Respectfully… a Master Mason in Jerusalem

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you Adam. We’re passing your ideas to our writers and see what we can come up with. 🙂

      Many thanks 🙂

    • Thanks a lot for the precious information about Freemason.
      My philosophy of life are aligned to the enshrined principles cherished and defended by Freemasons.
      Am a staunt advocator of The United Nations Charter.
      But, becoming a member of FreeMason in Mauritius is a family and political business.
      Kind regards,

    • William Heath

      I thank you so very much for sharing information to the our brethren, I am what my brothers call a newbie! I enjoy reading and look forward to the weekly newsletter. I wouldn’t ask you to change a thing. Again thank you for taking the time to share and educate each week. Wonder job my brother! God speed

    • Rar Matchett

      Rec’d my 50 year pin approx five years ago.Not really as I dropped my mouse and lost the entry

    • Norrie hathaway

      As a PM of Dunbar 118 British Columbia Canada and have been to quite a few lodges around the world I would like to see more information regarding “travelling lodges”. I was in Mumbai some years ago and the lodge there started with the British Army in the late 18th century. unfortunately lots of those records had been lost in some floods many years ago. Anything would be educational to all. Fraternally yours N. Hathaway.

    • Enjoy your insight even though sometimes your information is slightly erroneous. For instance. The papal bull against masonry was rescinded by Vatican II.

    • Wor Bro Craig Goral

      Wonderful site and newsletter.
      Informative and well worth subscribing to.

    • I am very happy with your emails , I am always reading ist , and learning from it!

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you! 🙂 Means a lot.

    • Great site. I love the history and the information I get from this site. Keep up the great work, and thanks.
      Mount Shepherd Lodge 159
      Sooke, BC Canada

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you very much bro Tim, Much appreciated. 🙂

    • John Dobie

      As a Past Master based in North East England, I welcome information on Masonry elsewhere in the World. Always an interesting read. Great pity the cost of posting makes purchasing from your store prohibitive.

    • My Book Divine Intervention, Why me? , will soon be available all over the world. The reason I am mentioning this on here is because I met Jesus 4 times. The third time I met him he said to me…… “seek the help of the Masons” I still don’t know why he would say this, but those are his words. I’ve been a Master Mason for over 35 years from New York City, to Glendale, California and now Henderson, NV. I am not with a lodge at this time.

    • Dave Bell

      I enjoy Masonic Find but when leaving comments ask the Brothers to leave there Lodge name would make it more interesting. Saint Johns Lodge #1 Charlottetown , P.E.I.

    • Masonic Find

      Great point. Will look into that further 🙂

  2. More information on history Prince Hall Mason, also more on community service around the world.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you James. Glad you’re enjoying it.

  3. Charles Fuller Reply

    I enjoy getting the newsletter. It is one of the many resources I read about Freemasonry. Perhaps something on regional events. Thanks. ~Charles

    • Masonic Find

      Hmm good idea Charles. Thank you. We’re always looking for ideas for more content. Much appreciated !

  4. Alan Jamison Reply

    I am the webmaster of my blue lodge in Nevada. I would love to share thoughts with the public and the lodge on a monthly basis. However, most topics shared by your group would seem inappropriate. I enjoy them; they seem to discuss controversial ideas I would not like the public to know. Is it possible to have a research lodge format without disclosing our secrets?

    • Masonic Find

      Just sent you a private email Alan. Check it out and get back to me. 🙂


  5. Your newsletter is insightful but I would like to see more involvement by others in the community. We are, of course, a brotherhood. Let’s hear what some have to say… in sad or glad tidings.

    Bro. Demby
    Kane Lodge No. 454

    • Masonic Find

      There’s a lot of activity happening on our Facebook page and Twitter but yes we also want more engagement on the blog. We’re also thinking of starting a forum, what do you think of that?

  6. Eric Tamez Reply

    I do enjoy reading the newsletter very much. I can’t really say more that needs improvement maybe, more update news. but the topics discussed have been great. keep up the good work. 🙂

    • Masonic Find

      You mean current trending news about Freemasonry yes? We’re thinking of that actually. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    • I feel that this newsletter is very informative and it brings more light to our faternity. This is a good way to get information that has be lost in transition of our senior and their teaching this will give us the opportunity to reinstate the thoughts, the teachings of those who paved the way so some day we’ll be under the same umbrella as brothers not foes because of misinformation and lack of information

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you Eugene for such a great review! Much appreciated.

    • Received my 50 year service pin etc approx five years ago Unable to attend meetings for the past number of years. It has been very refreshing anf wonderfully interestting.

    • JP Bernhardt

      I really enjoy this newsletter, the site is well put together and very informative.

      Keep up the good work.

  7. Interesting. Cleared up most if not all of my ignorance about the Eastern Star.

    • Masonic Find

      Awesome ! Thanks for your feedback Ingrid. Much appreciated 🙂

  8. Gary Bramblett Reply

    Very interesting and informative for a admirer of the Masons and all the good they do!

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you Gary. Glad you’re enjoying it. 🙂

  9. Keep up the goodwork. I like to see Masonic find in my email and I am excited to see every article posted.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you very much Cody ! We appreciate your support and kinds words 🙂

  10. Topics proposed by Masonic Find are really interesting, also for people like me who is not a Freemason, but want to learn more on it.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you Sam. It means a lot coming from a non-freemason. We created this page for people like yourself to understand our Craft better.

      Drop by soon 🙂

  11. Thank you for the regular newsletters, I find them very interesting and look forward to the subject of the each one. I occasionally forward them to me non-mason friends and family, if they are of interest and appropriate for them.

    Keep up the great work and I hope the website grows.

    Kind regards,


    West Yorkshire, UK

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you very much Michael. We appreciate the love 🙂

      Keep dropping in, you’re always welcome here.

      MF 🙂

    • Masonic Find

      Glad so! Thank you John!


  12. Nyarko Moses Reply

    This has been a good platform to enlightened a lot of people on freemason, and i think is a good opportunity for us to have this site doing a good job.
    Thumbs Up and keep on to give us your best.
    Thank you.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      Much appreciated.

  13. Plata Malgorzata Reply

    I really like your newsletter. In my opinion, if it were possible, you could write a bit more about masonry all over the world ( comparing various obediences).

    • Masonic Find

      Thanks Plata. Your suggestion has been noted. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your idea 🙂


  14. Anindya Adhikari Reply

    My family and fiance is opposing me to join the fraternity,however I have a deep desire to know the truth and change my life by joining the lodge.Do I go against my family or do I remain just a common man??

    • Masonic Find

      In my opinion, you should try to educate your family about freemasonry first. Show them it is nothing harmless and if you have any freemasonry friends ask them to come and talk to your family so they can answer any question they might have.

      If it doesn’t work, I suggest you stay out Freemasonry for now. Masonic principles require you to be respectable man and no respectable man ever goes against his family.

      Again.. just my opinion.

    • James Rudeen

      I agree with “Find”. As a long time Mason, I have always subscribed to “family first” in all things. Perhaps if one could determine what or why Anindya’s family’s objections to his joining the Fraternity are, better advice could be offered. If the objection is based on Masonry taking too much time away from the family, there are arguments for and against that. Can any information be gathered on the reasons for the opposition? Masonry needs good men, but not at the expense of their families.

  15. James Rudeen Reply

    I find your newsletter and other content to be both quite interesting and a great resource for information about the Fraternity, especially useful in helping non-Masons to make an informed decision about whether to participate or not. I would like to see subjects covered to address specific aspects of Masonry. For example, how to encourage the newer, younger members to take a more active role in their Lodge.
    Continue the great work, it is much appreciated.

    • Masonic Find

      Noted! 🙂 Thanks James and we’re glad you’re enjoying our content.

      Hope all is well.

    • Masonic Find

      Thanks Omar. We’re working on it. 🙂

  16. Walter Phipps Reply

    Great newsletter. I find it very informative, dealing with information that a lot of people are unaware of.

    • Masonic Find

      Thanks Walter ! Much appreciated!

  17. Charlton Daily Reply

    I think it’s awesome, when it show up, in my email, I immediately click on it for a good read. Thanks great job

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you very much Charlton. Much appreciated.

  18. J J Leadbetter Reply

    I think your paper is very rewarding and will look forward to every article keep it up J J

    • Masonic Find

      Awesome 🙂 Thank you very much.

  19. I have enjoyed your news letters, and look forward to more great information. Keep up the good work!

  20. alberto henrique del bianco Reply

    Great newsletter. I find it very informative, dealing with information that a lot of people are unaware of.

  21. John W. Lane Reply

    As a relatively new brother in this fraternity, I have so much to learn. I appreciate the insightful information you are providing. What a great service you doing for the brethren. Thanks!

  22. Roberto V. Aldea Reply

    Thank you for the regular publication of masonic teachings and other important matters about freemasonry. It really enhances my education about the organization I belong. I must admit I do not have that luxury of time attending regular lodge meetings but I make it a point to read articles and other documents about freemasonry to keep me updated especially newly issued edics and issuance of my lodge and district. I find it very useful for a regular mason like me. Continue your good job and may the GAOTU continue to bless and empower people like you in the craft. Well appreciated. Thank you very much!

  23. Thank you for a great newsletter and greetings from South Africa

  24. Graham Perham aka Somun Norbu Reply

    I’m happy with it as it is, However it will improve/change as it goes along. Nothing is permanent.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  25. You are providing valuable information and insights.
    I regularly send things to the SD to be read in Lodge.
    Keep up the good work!

    Bro. Russ
    JW, Ozaukee Lodge #17
    Port Washington, WI

  26. Kim Allensby Reply

    I really find you’re emails very interesting and helpful thank you .please keep them coming .

  27. I have enjoyed the articles you have provided. They have been useful with assisting me to educate the members of my lodge. Please keep up the exemplary works.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you very much Carl! 😀

  28. Great newsletter. But can not print at 100% to big for my Printer and when I go lower I find it hard to Read ?? Great otherwise.
    Ben Frataccia PM

  29. Dennis Graham Reply

    The newsletter is quite wonderful, always look forward to it, keep up the good work

    • Masonic Find

      Thanks Dennis. Much appreciated.

  30. Great. I find the articles are informative without being too long. Ideal for a quick read when I am supposed to be doing something else!

    • Masonic Find

      haha sorry about that 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  31. Bro Shawn G Reply

    Simple, Positive, educational articles. for both Members or non-members of freemasonry.

  32. Greetings from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Not sure how you found my e-mail address but I’m glad you did. The articles are well prepared and interesting and is doubtless shining ‘light’ into previously dark corners. I’m sharing your newsletters with my fellow members and the feedback is always positive.
    Well done and congratulations
    Doug Daws

  33. Like the old expression; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I think it is fine just the way it is. I find it extremely informative and I enjoy in reading and also submitting articles for your consideration. I wish that more Masons would take heed to the information that is available to them through this type of media. Keep up the good work.
    Ken Baril

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you Ken. We appreciate your kind words.

  34. william browning Reply

    I am always happy to receive news of Freemasonry from all over the world, so please keep it coming.
    As it says in our charge, ” to endeavour to make a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge “.

  35. Thank you for receiving your news letter,it inform us of Masonic happenings and Masonic special items which I love so much.Thank you brother Richard for every information you feed us brother

    • Masonic Find

      Glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

  36. Russell,E.A. Charleston WV Reply

    You guy’s are doing an awesome job,wouldn’t make ya change a thing but thanks for asking !!!

  37. I enjoy receiving the Masonic Find Newsletter. The topics are interesting and informative.

    • Masonic Find

      Thank you for the great review Bill. Glad you’re enjoying being part of the MasonicFind Family

  38. Robert Krimmel Reply

    Provides me and my sons (brothers) much to discuss and ponder. Thank you!

  39. Wonderful site and newsletter.
    Informative and well worth subscribing to

  40. William Durham Reply

    You guys are doing a great job keep up the good work

  41. Ian MacIntyre Reply

    Greetings from Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. I have only been subscribing to Masonic find newsletter for a couple of weeks; I’m glad I managed to locate this your web-site, the articles I have received to date; in my own personal are very well prepared and interesting, and provides an insight of Freemasonry in other countries; including doubtless shining ‘Light’ into previosly dark corners.

    Just to provide a wee insight to my Masonic career to date, joined Freemasonry on the 9th Janaury 2010, goven by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, raised in March of that year.

    Masonic ranks to date – Past Master (2015) of Lodge 421 Renown (now closed),
    Past Excellent King (2017) Royal Arch Chapter 169 Freedom also Treasurer, and representive of the Inspection Committee, General Board of Purposes for the Distright Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Antrim, for RAC 169 Freedom.

    Full member of Lodge of Research 200, current position Treasurer; Lodge of Research 200, is open for membership throughout the whole world, having members in USA,Canada, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England,Austria, New Zealand, Greece and mainland Euprue.

    Full Member of Royal Arch Chapter of Research 222, current position Chief Scribe, in March of this year (e.g.2019) will be installed as the Excellent King.

    Friday 19 Janaury 2019, was re-installed as the WM for Lodge 688 Charity within the Masonic Province of Down, Northern Ireland.

    Well done; wonderful newsletter, and well worth subscribing to, and congratulations to Masonic find, keep up the excellent work.

    Ian MacIntyre

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