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any masonic secrets revealed in these books

We recently launched “The Great Masonic Library”, a collection of 314 rare & out-of-print Masonic books from the greatest Masonic authors of the 19th century.

One of the titles in this collection is the timeless classic “Morals & Dogma” by Albert Pike.

This one book alone sells for $29.95 on Amazon, so it’s not too ludicrous to assume the entire collection would be worth well over a $1000 (that is if you had to buy each book individually and IF they were all available – which they’re not).

Morals And Dogma

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PS:  We also have a “restricted” section to the Library, which is an additional 28 books. However, to get access to this private collection (which is also free) you need to provide us with some proof that you are actually a Mason (there’s information in the restricted section which is not for the uninitiated).

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