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 Thank You For Your Sign Up: Download The eBook Here


  1. thanks for the offer, it hard to find reading materials on masonic history. ones i read and find the information suitable to pass on to other Brothers i will do so

    thanks again

    • Brethren,my name is Sammy Ching,Past District Grand Lecturer of Masonic District NCR-D ,of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines. My mother lodge is Manuel A. Roxas Memorial Lodge no. 152. Presently, i am the lodge secretary and had been a Master Mason for almost 11 years.

  2. My Brothers My name is Brother Malvin D. Marsh, Iam the J.W. for trinity Lodge # 51 F. & A.M. working in the foruth masonic
    district. under the corvering of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall grand Lodge of the state of New York. I would to thank you for allowing me to join the group.

    Brother Malvin D. Marsh, J.W.
    Trinity Lodge # 51 F. & A. M. P.H.A.

  3. thanks for the offer,

    it hard to find reading materials on masonic history.

    ones i read and find the information suitable to pass on to other, i will gladly do so

    Nice to have to some more reading material that will make me more knowledgeable.

  4. Thank you for this offer.I am not a member, I let the opportunity slip by me years ago, but we all have our regrets, But back then I just couldn’t afford it.

  5. I’m Proud to be a MASON and Shriner. My dad and my grandfather were Masons. They were right Being a Mason has helped me be a better Man.

    • i want to be good than like know becouse life of masonic is very rich i jus enter i wanna know how i can be some body how get more money more,couse bad life i hate it

  6. Thank you very much Brethren for this precious book. I’m a proud mason and a shiner from the Philippines.

  7. Fraternal greetings. Many thanks for the e-book, very interesting i shall be passing on to any newly made brethren who are interested


    • In some countries yes, but Islam in general frowns on Freemasonry since it has roots and links to Judaism.

  8. Thanks for accepting my subscription. Presently I am the secretary of my lodge. I am more than happy to share this to my brethren. Thank you.

  9. Hi my name is Paul, I live in Cornwall, UK. I have been a Mason or 47 years and am very proud to be so. Masonry for me is a way of life not just a ‘beer & skittles’ club. Even our charitable giving is secondary to its true meaning and purpose. I hope you all enjoy it as much as me.

  10. Hello, I am glad I found this site. I have been interested in Masonry since I was 14 years old ( iam 20 now soon to turn 21).Usually I visit the website of the lodge where I live, I find every article they post truly fascinating. The other day I bought a book, opened the website and to my surprise discovered that they had post an article about the exact same book. Things like that make me believe that Masonry is exactly the place where I belong. Would be amazing to find like-minded people and discuss with them topics of mutual interest. Thanks again! GOD bless!

  11. Becoming a member while in the military, the craft has been one of the greastest honours of my life. The friends I have made are gentlemen in the classic sense,and worthy of the title of master mason. So Mote It be..

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