MasonicFind Black Friday 2022




I'm glad you asked...

The Freemasons' Community is an all-encompassing, purposely-built online community platform for Freemasons and good men willing to become better.

You can think of it as a "Masonic social network" without all the drama, politics and toxicity of mainstream social networks.

It's built on what we like to all "the three great pillars" and each pillar is there to bring forth a positive and enlightening experience for those looking to learn more about the mysteries of Freemasonry.

#1: The Beehive

The Beehive is the "social" pillar of the community.

Here you can engage and communicate with the other members using the communication channels such as:

• The newly-added Live Chat.

• The Discussions tab

• The Lodge Room

• The Mentorship Program

• King Solomon's table

and much more...

#2: Freemasonry101

The second pillar of the community is where all our Masonic educational resources reside.

Here you will find 8 different courses (with over 100 lessons) explaining various aspects of Freemasonry, from its history and inception to its different Orders and Rites, the main Degrees, ritual memorization, etc...

#3: The Resource Centre

The last of the three great pillars is the Resource Center.

This is where you will find our collection of educational videos, guidebooks, podcasts, live talks, audiobooks, and more.

We add something new every day, but at the time of writing, there are:

• 198 educational videos and live talks.

• 332 manuals and guidebooks from various Grand Lodges around the world.

• 99 audiobooks and podcasts to listen to and learn from.


Since it's Black Friday, and times are rough, we're also throwing a few more bonuses into the mix to make sure this will be of the best purchase you'll make today.

Besides the $100 discount, you're also going to get all of our self-published books for free.

This includes....

Bonus #1: Free Access to the Great Masonic Library

the great masonic library

The Great Masonic Library is a collection of 342 rare & out of print Masonic books from the mid 1800s digitized and made available for future generations. 

Bonus #2: Free Access to ALL of our Self-Published books!


FREE: 100 Facts About Freemasonry: A collection of fun and obscure facts about Freemasonry you've probably never heard of.

FREE: How to Become a Freemason: This is an all encompassing guide book for those looking to become a Freemason. It explains everything you need to know from where to get started, how to find a Lodge and how to start your initiation process.

FREE: The Princes of Freemasonry: This book reveals the many Royal Princes throughout history who were also known to be Freemasons. This book will take you on a journey through time and across continents as it explores the lives of these Masonic Royalty and their connection to Freemasonry.

Bonus #3: Free Additional Invites for Your Lodge Brethren 

masonic handshakes

I'll be honest, this is not a Black Friday offer.

This is something we run all year round, but it's such an appreciated feature by members that I had to bring it up.

Whenever you purchase access to the community, you also are allowed to invite 3 other members to join you for free (ideally from your Lodge).

That's right. Once inside, you will find a special link you can pass on to three others and they'd be able to join you for free inside the community.

If you'd like to join the Freemasons Community using our Black Friday special, with a $100 discount + $686 dollars worth of bonuses....

Click on the button below to start your checkout. ?

Once confirmed, you'll receive a document with your special link to the community + all the other bonuses.

I'll see you inside.

~ MasonicFind.