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masonic facts about george washington

8 Masonic Facts About George Washington

One of the most-loved, most-admired Freemason and President will forever be George Washington. We’ve covered Washington’s involvement briefly in our previous guide listing the 15 Masonic US Presidents. Seeing how

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what do the freemasons do

What Do The Freemasons Do?

What is it exactly that the Freemasons do? One thing you should know is that – contrary to popular belief – Freemasonry is not a “secret society”, but rather –

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masonic aprons feat

Why Do Freemasons Wear Aprons?

Why do Freemasons wear aprons? Freemasons wear an apron with pride. It is a symbol which connects them with centuries-old stonemasons. In the middle ages, they wore the traditional, leather

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are freemasons tax exempt

Are Freemasons Tax Exempt?

Are Freemasons tax exempt? This question often revolves around the mind of new candidates, as the term ‘Masonic Tax’ is often discussed in the media. Today, we will try to

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How To Become A Knights Templar

How To Become A Knights Templar

Interested in joining and becoming a Knights Templar? Actually, you can.  Becoming a Knights Templar isn’t a complicated issue at all, but it is indeed a unique and exceptional way

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king solomon

How Did King Solomon Die?

When & how did King Solomon die? King Solomon is one of the most prominent figures of history. He was arguably the second son of King David and Bathsheba and

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the ark of the covenant and freemasonry

The Ark of The Covenant & Freemasonry

The Ark of the Covenant has been a mysterious and prized item, which is mentioned in the Old Testament and has acquired a different meaning over the last few millennia.