50 Masonic Gift Ideas For A Freemason

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a fellow Freemason?

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best masonic gift ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the Freemason in your life.

From traditional masonic merchandise to unique/novelty and personal items, I’m pretty sure we’ve included something for everyone, even the one who is hard to shop for.

Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned member or a newly initiated Mason, these gift ideas are sure to impress. So sit back, relax, and take a look at our top picks for the best masonic gifts.

masonic gift ideas

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This Masonic Square & Compasses Book Folding

masonic book fold

This Masonic Square and Compasses book folding is a one-of-a-kind piece that will bring an elegant, unique, and creative touch to any home or office.

This beautiful 3D design is carefully crafted with the pages in the book precisely measured, folded, and cut to create the awe-inspiring image you see above.

Its timelessness adds an extra special feel to any installation ceremony, anniversary, or birthday celebration and it’s surely to be a memorable keepsake for years to come!

Not only does it serve as a meaningful reminder of shared values but its stunning design makes it an eye-catching decor piece for any space.

Find it on Etsy here.

This Masonic Watch With 3d Masonic Symbols

This watch is a luxurious and stylish option for a Freemason who is celebrating a special occasion or milestone.

It features 3D Masonic symbols, which hold deep meaning for members of the fraternity, and is made with high-quality materials for durability.

The strong buckle and high-grade leather strap add to its durability, designed to be a gift that will last for generations.

Every detail of the watch has been carefully crafted, making it an ideal present for any special occasion.

You can purchase this watch here.

Some Masonic Cigars

masonic cigars

Handcrafted by experienced artisans, these premium Masonic-themed cigars are carefully aged and elegantly crafted to provide an exemplary smoking experience with a complex flavor profile and unparalleled consistency.

Each cigar is made with attention to detail and high-quality ingredients, embodying the spirit of Brotherhood with every puff.

& they can be enjoyed in the company of other Brethren while savoring the rich tapestry of flavor they create.

Hiram & Solomon Cigars offer a delightful blend of power, character, and tradition. an ideal gift for any cigar-smoking Brother.

Check out Solomon Cigars here.

“On The Square” Masonic Board Game

The On The Square boardgame is based on the mysteries and secrets of Freemasonry and offers multiple characters, plenty of playability, and a unique game mechanism.

Players take on the roles of senior officers in the lodge, navigating their way around the board to collect tools of three degrees while advancing through the game in proper steps, listening out for gavel knocks, and leading candidates around.

The goal is to become a Worshipful Master — something that requires strategy, dexterity, and luck.

This high-quality game features superbly designed and illustrated components as well as robust, well-tested gameplay.

Perfect for parties or just some good old-fashioned family fun, On The Square provides hours of entertainment that will satisfy any Mason’s craving for mystery and adventure!

See how to play & where to buy here.

A Masonic Apron Briefcase

masonic apron briefcase

This beautiful Classic Real Leather Layflat Grand Rank Masonic Regalia Case makes the perfect masonic gift for any brother.

Crafted with high-quality bonded leather, this regalia case offers a black exterior and inner blue felt lining, along with two gold plated combination locks to keep your items secure.

Measuring 21.5” x 18.5” x 3”, the regalia case is designed to keep all your grand rank regalia in perfect condition while on the go.

Complete with elastic cross-over straps and drop-down pockets, this masonic gift is sure to make any brother feel special and appreciated.

Find it on MasonicCollection.co.uk.

A Personalised Leather Journal Note Book & Engraved Pen

a personalized leather journal

This Masonic leather journal comes with a personalized rollerball pen, so you can add a touch of individuality to this already unique gift.

The notebook itself is crafted with great attention to detail, featuring a thick-lined pad inside and a 24K rolled gold Masonic emblem on the cover.

This journal is perfect for taking notes during meetings or recording important events in Masonic history, and it even comes with free engraving so you can add your own special message or name. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind present!

Find it on Etsy here.

The Double Masonic Penset Desk Stand

The Double Penset Desk Stand

This luxurious gift set features an exquisite double desktop pen set, crafted from solid woods like maple, oak, and pine.

The pens boast 24k gold-clad trim and a protective varnish that gives them a subtle shine. Included with the pens is a desktop holder/display stand/case to store and show off your collection.

This case can be folded up into a compact desk or travel size, perfect for taking on the go. The quality of this set must be seen in person to fully appreciate it, as the craftsmanship is truly second to none.

With its solid wood construction and elegant 24k gold accents, it would make an exceptional gift for any Freemason.

Find it on Etsy here.

The Masonic Passport

masonic passport

The Brothers & Bonds Masonic Passport offers Freemasons a unique opportunity to document their travels and experiences in the Craft.

This 50-page novelty passport features beautiful illustrations inspired by Masonic symbolism, as well as ample space for lodge seals and notes.

Each page is designed to help members appreciate the history and significance of our fraternity while providing a tangible reminder of their journey.

Additionally, this passport includes reserved space for appendant bodies within Freemasonry, ensuring that each member’s experience is fully documented.

With its intricately crafted pages, this passport is an ideal tool for members looking to explore their Masonic interests while sharing the gift of knowledge with other lodges.

Buy it on BrothersAndBonds.com.

Craftsman Crate

masonic craftsman crate

Know a Freemason who loves to work with his hands?

Every month, Craftsman Crate comes with real tools and timeless skills that any craftsman will admire. Each kit includes complete instructions and patterns so beginners, experienced artisans, and everyone in between can make something unique.

With different projects every month, Craftsman Crate offers a chance to try new techniques and create something special to show off or give away!

Whether it’s woodworking, leather crafting, jewelry making, blacksmithing, or custom carving—Craftsman Crate has got you covered with all the supplies needed to produce stunning results.

Plus, each crate contains expert tips and tricks from master craftsmen so even the most seasoned hobbyists can learn something new!

Get the CraftsMan Crate here.

A New Pair of Masonic Gloves

masonic gloves

This pair of Masonic Cotton Gloves is the ideal gift choice for any Freemason, featuring beautiful machine embroidery of a yellow Square and Compasses.

Made from 100% cotton, they provide superior comfort and quality and are sure to be appreciated by any recipient. The full finger length ensures a neat fit, while three neat machine lines to the back of the hand add an extra touch of refinement.

Hand-washing in lukewarm water and air drying will ensure these gloves look as good as new for years to come.

Perfect for ceremonies or special occasions, these masonic cotton gloves will make an excellent addition to any Freemason’s wardrobe.

See the gloves collection on BricksMasons.com

This Masonic Sword

This majestic Marto Blue Enamelled Silver Masonic Sword from Etsy is another exquisite gift for any Freemason.

The sword features a silver-plated and tempered stainless steel blade, with intricate design details throughout that reference its masonic symbolism.

Its hilt and guard are made of cast metal, with its handle wrapped in faux blue leather for comfort during use. The decorative pommel is crafted in the shape of a sapphire blue pentagram star – a classic masonic symbol – and its blade is embellished with traditional Masonic engravings.

This sword not only serves as a beautiful adornment but also stands as a reminder of the Freemason’s responsibility to uphold their values and maintain moral virtue.

It comes with an elegant brown scabbard complete with ornamental decorations that further strengthen its symbolic significance. This stunning piece makes for an excellent gift for any practicing Freemason, one sure to be cherished for years to come!

You can find this sword on Etsy.

Fraternal Masonic Ties

fraternal ties

This collection of ties from FraternityTies.com features the Masonic symbols and designs that any Brother would be proud to wear.

With over 100 different styles to choose from, there is sure to be one that perfectly expresses their pride in the Lodge. The ties are made from high-quality materials, including silk, polyester, and cotton blends, so they will last for years to come.

Each tie comes in a variety of lengths and widths so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for any occasion or individual style.

Whether you’re looking for a formal black tie with Masonic symbols or a more casual plaid pattern with subtle design accents, this collection has it all!

Best of all, each tie arrives in a handsome gift box making them an ideal present for any Brother. Give someone special the gift of timeless style and lasting quality with these Masonic ties from FraternityTies.com!

Buy a Fraternal Tie here.

This Gold Masonic Trowel

masonic golden trowel

This Masonic Freemason Working Trowel is a marvelous keepsake for any Freemason.

The trowel is exquisitely crafted with outstanding detail, and housed in a luxurious blue velvet gift box, making it a superb collector’s item.

This special gift set comes with the option of personalized engraving on its plate so that your whoever the lucky man is that’s receiving this gift can proudly display their name or some other meaningful words.

An invaluable tool of the stonemasons’ trade, this trowel symbolizes strength and stability in building one’s character through the Brotherly Love and Relief that Freemasonry provides.

It makes an ideal presentation piece for any occasion, birthdays, anniversaries or graduations!

A perfect choice to show your appreciation for someone who has dedicated themselves to this ancient craft and its timeless values.

Click here to get this golden trowel.

The Rough & Perfect Masonic Ashlar


This is a hand-crafted replica of the original ashlar used in the ancient craft of stonemasonry and symbolizes the process of refining and perfecting oneself, which is fundamental to Freemasonry.

The stone comes with a weather-resistant sealer to maintain its beauty and integrity, making it a great indoor or outdoor display piece.

It measures 6″ x 4″ x 2″, and each piece is truly unique as every stone is hand-selected for its quality. With its rustic look, this ashlar makes an impressive display piece that is sure to be admired by fellow Freemasons.

As well as being visually striking, it serves as an inspiration to strive towards excellence; perfect for any Masonic brother looking to add a touch of symbolism and craftsmanship to their home or office.

Find this on FossilBluff.com.

The Freemasons’ Community

community homepage 3

Freemasons Community is an online platform for Freemasons to connect with each other and share their knowledge and experiences.

The community provides resources such as forums, blogs, articles, and discussions all relating to Freemasonry.

With a comprehensive library of information covering topics ranging from Masonic rituals and symbols to history and philosophy, the Freemasons Community is an invaluable resource for any Freemason looking to enhance their understanding of the craft.

If you’re looking for a gift for the Freemason that has everything, this is definitely something he would appreciate.

Learn more about the Freemasons’ Community here.

Other Notable Masonic Great Gifts Ideas:

masonic themed gifts

A Masonic Bathrobe:

A Masonic bathrobe would make a great gift for a Freemason because it is a comfortable and practical item that can be used both at home and at the Lodge. The robe, which is typically made of high-quality, plush materials, features the Masonic square and compasses symbol, which is an important symbol in Freemasonry.

Masonic Themed Socks:

Masonic-themed socks are also a fun and unique gift idea for a Freemason. These socks, which often feature the Masonic square and compasses symbol, are a great way for a Freemason to show their pride in their fraternity. They are also a comfortable and practical gift that can be worn on a daily basis.

A Masonic Baseball Cap:

A Masonic baseball cap is a stylish and functional gift for a Freemason. The cap, which is typically embroidered with the Masonic square and compasses symbol, is a great way for a Freemason to show their pride in their fraternity. It is also a practical gift that can be worn during outdoor activities or casual occasions.

Some Masonic Wall Prints:

Masonic wall prints are a beautiful and decorative gift idea for a Freemason. These prints, which often feature iconic Masonic symbols such as the square and compasses or the all-seeing eye, are a great way to add some Masonic flair to a Lodge or home. They are also a thoughtful and unique gift that can be treasured for years to come.

A High-Quality Dress Shirt (for Masonic Meetings)

A high-quality dress shirt for Masonic meetings is a practical and stylish gift for a Freemason. These shirts, which are typically made of high-quality materials and feature subtle Masonic symbols, are a great way for a Freemason to look sharp and professional at meetings and other Masonic events.

A Miniature Working Tools Set:

A miniature working tools set is a unique and educational gift for a Freemason. These sets, which often include miniature replicas of the working tools used in Freemasonry, are a great way for a Freemason to learn about the symbolism and significance of these tools. They are also thoughtful and decorative gift that can be displayed in a Lodge or home.

Masonic Lapel Pins:

Masonic pins are a popular and versatile gift for a Freemason. These pins, which often feature Masonic symbols such as the square and compasses or the all-seeing eye, are a great way for a Freemason to show their pride in their fraternity. They can be worn on clothing, hats, or lapels, and are a popular item among members of the fraternity.

Masonic Commemorative Coin:

A Masonic coin set is a collectible and decorative gift for a Freemason. These sets, which often feature a collection of Masonic coins or medallions, are a great way for a Freemason to showcase their interest in the fraternity. They are also a unique and thoughtful gift that can be treasured for years to come.

Masonic Car Decals:

Masonic car decals are a fun and visible way for a Freemason to show their pride in their fraternity. These decals, which often feature Masonic symbols such as the square and compasses or the all-seeing eye, are a great way to add some Masonic flair to a vehicle. They are also practical and affordable gifts that can be easily applied to any car or truck.

Some More Gift Ideas:

gift ideas for men

A luxury chessboard: If their idea of a game night is on the fancier side, you should check out this luxury chessboard. Its sleek marble pieces and clean lines will make it the centerpiece of any living room. Plus, they’ll be able to show off their skills with a board like this! Perfect for those who have spent hours mastering the classic strategy game. Or beginners who just want to look like they know what they’re doing. Either way, it’s a great gift for those who love a game of chess!

Noise-canceling headphones: If someone in your life is passionate about their music and tired of dealing with outside noise, get them a pair of noise-canceling headphones. They’ll be able to enjoy their favorite jams or podcasts or even studying the ritual without the distraction of the outside world. Plus, they’re also great for when you want to take a break from things and just need some peace

A smartwatch: For the tech-savvy Freemason in your life, a smartwatch is the perfect gift. Not only do they look cool, but they also come with a ton of features like tracking steps, playing music, and more. Plus, you can even get ones that are compatible with their phone so they can stay connected on the go.

A subscription box: For the Mason who already has everything, why not get them a subscription box? You can find ones tailored to their interests. Whether they love cooking, reading, or gaming, there’s something out there for everyone. Plus, it’s an ongoing surprise that keeps on giving!

A custom engraved whisky glass: For the Mason who loves a good whisky, nothing says elegance and class like a custom engraved whisky glass. You can find them with intricate designs or even an inscription of their favorite saying. It’s perfect for when they’re unwinding after a long day in lodge or just on a special occasion.

An eye-catching tie bar: An eye-catching tie bar is a great way to add a little bit of flair to any outfit. You can find them in all sorts of designs and shapes, so it’s easy to customize one for your special someone. It’s the perfect accessory for when they want to look sharp when attending Lodge meetings.

Manscaped crop essentials: For the modern-day Freemason who cares about their appearance, this grooming kit is just for them. It comes with all the essentials needed to keep their hair looking great and well-groomed.

A personalized photo book or picture frame: A great gift for any Freemason is a personalized photo book or picture frame. It’s the perfect way to show off your favorite memories together and remind them of all the wonderful times you’ve had. Plus, it adds an extra special touch when you have it engraved with their initials.

A flask: For the man who likes to enjoy a good drink, give them this classic gift. A flask will make sure they always have their favorite beverage at hand, no matter where they are. Plus, you can even customize it with an engraving of their initials for an extra special touch!

A pocket watch: The perfect way to make sure your Freemason never loses track of time is with a pocket watch. This timeless gift will always be a reminder of your love and appreciation for them.

A set of high-quality kitchen knives or cookware: For the Mason who loves to cook, get them a set of high-quality kitchen knives or cookware. This is sure to be an appreciated gift that will last for years and make mealtimes much easier.

A membership to a museum or other attraction: Surprise your Mason with a membership to their favorite museum or other attraction. This is the perfect way to make sure they have plenty of fun things to do when they’re not in Lodge.

Beer of the month club: For the Mason who loves to try new beers, this is the perfect gift. With a beer of the month club, they’ll get to explore new varieties and flavors each month.

A telescope: For the Mason who loves stargazing, a telescope is a perfect gift. Whether they’re just starting out or are experienced stargazers, this will be sure to bring them hours of entertainment and exploration.

ORORO Soft Shell Heated Jacket: This heated jacket is a must-have. Whether they’re out camping or simply walking around town, this jacket will keep them warm and comfy in any weather condition.

Whisky/wine decanter: For the Mason who loves a good drink, this is a must-have. With its unique design and elegant look, it’s sure to be appreciated. Plus, they can use it to store their favorite whisky or wine for special occasions.

The Ember Smart Mug 2: For the Mason who loves their coffee, this mug is a must-have. With its adjustable temperature settings, they can always enjoy their hot drinks at the perfect temperature. Plus, it has an app that allows them to change the temperature right from their smartphone!

A Kindle: For the Mason who loves to read, a Kindle is a perfect gift. With this device, they can store thousands of books and magazines for easy access whenever they want. Plus, it has an adjustable backlight so they can read even in low-light conditions.

A set of grilling tools: For the Mason who loves to grill, these personalized grilling tools are just perfect. Not only do they look great and make barbecuing easier, but with an engraving of their initials, it’s sure to be a treasured gift that lasts for years.

A high-quality knife set: A good knife set is a must-have for any Mason. Whether they use it to cut vegetables or carve wood, this is sure to be an appreciated gift that will last for years. Plus, with so many designs and styles available, you can easily find something that suits their needs.

Cufflinks set: A stylish set of (Masonic) cufflinks is the perfect way to show off their affiliation. Pick one with a classic design and intricate engraving. It’s sure to be an appreciated gift that’ll make them look sharp for any occasion.

Gift Card Ideas:

fossilbluff gift card
Image Credit: FossilBluff (see below).

An Amazon Gift Card: Sometimes, it’s hard to pick the perfect gift for a Freemason. In that case, an Amazon Gift Card is always a great option. With this card, they can choose from millions of products and buy themselves something special – without ever having to worry about getting the wrong thing.

A FossilBluff Gift Card: The Fossil Bluff Gift Card is a perfect present for any Freemason. This gift card can be used to purchase items from the Fossil Bluff online store, providing them with great products related to Freemasonry and material culture. With this gift card, they can pick out something special that will remind them of their time as a Mason and all of the experiences they’ve had in the craft.

FraternalTies Gift Card: From elegant cuff links to Masonic rings and lapel pins, all items have been chosen to reflect the values of Freemasonry and make great keepsakes or mementos. Besides ties, The FraternalTies range also includes apparel such as sweaters, polo shirts, and caps, giving Freemasons the opportunity to express their membership in style.