25+ Tried & Proven Resources For Freemasons

Knowing where to go and who to trust can be difficult when you’re looking for Freemasonry-themed content online.

Below we’ve put together a list of our tried and proven resources that will help you find what you’re looking for.

This list covers everything from websites to read, podcasts to listen to, where to buy Masonic accessories & paraphernalia as well as a list of educational content that will help you learn more about this ancient fraternity.

Blogs, Websites & Social Media

Freemasonry in the metaverse
Image Source: Masoniverse Instagram.

How To Become A Freemason: 20+ articles for the aspiring Mason.

MasonicFind Facebook Page: This is where we share insightful articles and Freemasonry-related memes.

MasonicFind Twitter Page: By far our most favorite social network and where you will find MasonicFind most active.

Freemasonry in the Metaverse: An exciting idea and concept to bring Freemasonry to the metaverse as well as Masonic NFTs.

The Masonic Lodge of Education: A great resource filled with information related to Freemasonry.

Whence Came You: One of the longest-running and most-listened-to Masonic podcasts.

MasonicPassport: A digital passport that greatly improves the way Freemasons around the world visit each other around the world.

MasonicWebsite: A website development company focused on building websites for Masonic Lodges.

The Great Masonic Library: 340+ rare and out-of-print Masonic books from the mid-1800s.

The United Grand Lodge: The homepage of the first and oldest Grand Lodge.

Freemasonry101: A collection of online courses for Freemasons.

The Masonic Resource Centre: A collection of books, research papers, Grand Lodge guide books, audiobooks, documentaries, and more.

Lodge Equipment & Accessories

fossil bluff
Image Source: FossilBluff Instagram.

BricksMasons.com: One of the best – if not the best – online stores for custom Masonic merchandise. I highly recommend you look into their hand-painted Masoni aprons.

MasonZone.com: A trustworthy online store where you can find various Masonic-themed merchandise.

OnlineMasonicRegalia (UK): A great e-commerce store for Masonic gifts and accessories, for UK/EU brethren.

Masonic Supply Shop: An online marketplace for just about anything your Lodge will need to equip itself.

FraternalTies: Truly one-of-a-kind handmade Masonic ties & watches.

Freemasons’ Hall Gift Shop: The online store of the United Grand Lodge of England.

MasonicExchange: Masonic aprons, hats, Lodge supplied, Lodge regalia, wall posters, gift sets, etc…

FossilBluff: Unique and handcrafted Masonic gifts.

Hiram & Solomon Cigars: A brand of cigars with Freemasonic-themed symbolism.

Macoy Publishing: The online store of the Masonic publishing house where you can buy various Masonic merchandise and Lodge supplies.

Masonic-Themed Mobile Wallpapers: 50+ Freemasonry-themed wallpapers for your smartphone based on different hobbies and interests.

Community & Forums

Image Source: The Freemasons’ Community.

The Freemasons’ Community: An online community for like-minded men looking to become better, created and run by MasonicFind.

r/Freemasonry: One of the oldest, most active, and well know Masonic Reddir forums on the internet

MyFreemasonry Forum: An online forum for Freemasons.

Master Mason Forum: An online forum for Master Masons looking to connect and fraternize with other Master Masons.

What Have We Missed?

If there are any resources we’ve missed and you’d like to see added to this page, drop me a comment below and if it fits our criteria, we will add them to this list.