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This site is dedicated to teaching people about Freemasonry but in particular, we are committed to creating a community and a place for freemasons worldwide to come read and expand their knowledge about the craft.

Also non-freemasons are also most welcome to join. We hope we can Β answer all your questions about the craft.

The New Masonic Find

We launched this website in April 2013 but what you are seeing now is the new Masonic Find; Before it was mostly an eStore selling masonic jewellry and regalia. You can still find masonic regalia on showcase but now we are more geared towards teaching people and uniting Freemasons.

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  1. hey my name is Ian I am a 12 year old boy iv been learning a lot about freemasonry and I was wondering if when I turn twenty one, if I could ask u to have me join. I think freemasonry is a bit suspicious and I have an eerie feeling about joining so I will think about it through the years until im twenty one il decide please write a comment back

    • You have a long way till you can join. What I suggest you do now is just learn all that you can about the craft. See if it’s something that you’d like to do.

      If your parents are up for it, ask if they can take you to a lodge and meet some people there… Ask as many questions as possible.

      In 9 years time you will then be able to make a super informed decision. πŸ™‚

      Hope this helps. ! πŸ™‚

    • what country do you live in ian? the age limit was recently lowered to 18. no one can promote, recruit, or ask anyone to join, you must ask to join. go to the lodge in your local area and meet some people there (most of which are old guys). get your parents to take you if they have any concerns about freemasonry i am sure it will bring them piece of mind. i guarantee you will be welcomed to stay. once you meet the people in your lodge you will see what kind of people they are and that should tell you a lot about what it is. ask your parents if someone in your family is or was a mason and ask your friends if one of their close relatives is a mason that can help you a lot. when you come of age ask to join the lodge you wish to attend, you will receive a petition fill it out and you will need to pay a fee (most likely higher than it is today),and wait until you are contacted. you will either be approved and given further instruction or you will receive a check for the amount of the fee that you paid (meaning you weren’t accepted). don’t do your research on Youtube the only thing that will bring you is paranoia. the only way to know about freemasonry is to be a Freemason. i hope this makes somethings a little clearer for you? if you have anymore questions just ask i will answer what i can?

    • Thanks for a fantastic answer Cody! You’ve hit the nail on its head with this one. πŸ™‚ Are some countries really allowing 18 yeards now? Even if he’s not a lewis ? In my country you have to be 21 and over.

    • Hi there Cody. You can’t create a profile with this site but you can use a free service called Gravatar and your image will appear wherever you leave a comment.

  2. i AM A MALE,SOON TO BE 62 YEARS OLD… I TOO WOULD WOULD LIKE TO FIND WHATS BEEN LOST. My brother in law directed me here quite a few years ago, and gave me a dime and told me that would know what to do if i changed my mind, I would know what to do if I needed help,but he is now deceased. I would like to be the solution, rather then the problem. At the time it was a matter of CASH… I just didn’t have the cash that I needed to join at the time. That and the fact that they all seemed to be an older crowd & didn’t realize they were the ELDERS… Is there still hope for me??

  3. I have been looking for some interesting pictures of Freemasons. And all pictures you guys post are yours? or The third person holds the rights?

    • Some we own, some are sent to us and some we either buy them or acquire the rights to use them.

  4. Hi I am an Iranian writer and Turkish fled Irati I’ve come to ask you to help me thirty-year-old member of the Masonic Shvm.mn Darm.v written several books Am.mtshkrm

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