5 Famous Masonic Buildings Around The World

Today we’re going to take a trip around the world and visit 5 very famous masonic buildings which are truly glorious and awe-inspiring.

I have to credit Wikipedia for helping me create this list (and also for many of the pictures) but I’m glad to say I have visited 3 of these places already and it would be nice to tour them all someday

(Especially the Grand Lodge building in New York which I hear there is no Grand Lodge quite like it anywhere in the world).

This is by no means a conclusive list of “famous Masonic buildings” and I am sure there are many more which I’ve yet to learn about.

Which is why I’m opening up the floor to you in the comment section below to drop me a few worthy suggestions. I’d love to update this with more buildings in the newer future.

With that said, here are…

5 Awe-Inspiring Masonic Buildings:

  1. The United Grand Lodge Of England
  2. The George Washington Memorial
  3. The Grand Lodge Of Scotland
  4. New York City Grand Lodge
  5. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland

5 famous masonic buildings

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The United Grand Lodge Of England

the UGLE in london

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Located at Great Queen Street London. this is an iconic building for Freemasons worldwide. It’s the oldest known standing Grand Lodge.

Built-in 1717, it has just crossed the 300-year anniversary mark, and I’m glad to say that I visited this awe-inspiring building back in 2013.

The George Washington Memorial

george washington memorial

This Masonic building was built in is located in Alexandria, Virginia just outside of Washington DC.

This memorial is dedicated to George Washington, the first president of the United States and a fellow Freemason.

Construction started in 1922 but it took a staggering 48 years to when it was totally complete and finished in 1970.

A fun fact about this build is that it has a room modeled after George Washington’s lodge room!

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The Grand Lodge Of Scotland

Grand Lodge Of Scotland

I visited this Grand Lodge back in September 2013 on my trip to Edinburgh. I have to say the museum in there is remarkable with Masonic regalia awarded to the museum from all over the world.

It is amazing how far the brotherhood stretches across the world.

NB: You can see the pictures from my visit to the Grand Lodge of Scotland here

New York City Grand Lodge

New York City Masonic Grand Lodge

This is on top of my list of masonic places to visit!

It has a jurisdiction of around 60,000 masons all organized in more than 800 lodges, most of them located within the Tri-State area. It’s also considered one of the oldest Masonic lodges having been established on December 15, 1781.

It is one of the most beautiful, highly decorated and luxurious temples in the world! Big Apple Style!

Visiting The Big Apple soon? Here’s the Freemason’s guide to visiting New York.

Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland

beautiful rosslyn chapel

So much history in this old, old building. It is filled with architecture that shows evidence of Masonic and Knights Templar presence somewhere in history.

It is said to be the place of Worship where the Knight’s Templar took refuge in circa 1309 with the permission of the wealthy St Clair family.

It was also featured in the highly controversial “Da Vinci Code” but the room they supposedly go into below the chapel is not there.

NB: This is another place I was lucky enough to visit and you can see all my pictures from inside Rosslyn here.

facts 2


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What Are Your Recommendations For Must-See Masonic Buildings?

Let us know in the comment section below so we can list more of these awe-inspiring buildings.

39 thoughts on “5 Famous Masonic Buildings Around The World”

  1. Greetings, I’m Ahmed from Palestine Gaza Strip me more than six years looking for a Masonic or his relationship Balmasonip to take me a way to join them to Freemasonry, but I did not find and why the lack of reference to Freemasonry in Gaza Please help me repeat, I want to join Freemasonry Fjdoa Lee solving ability, if you are a loving greetings and I convinced of internal and belonging to Freemasonry love you until death, even if I could not link., ‘

    • I’m not sure if there are operating lodges in Palestine and Gaza strip. I suggest you have a look online for lodges in your area and if they are expecting, contact them there.

      I know Freemasonry and Islam don’t go well together so you might have problems becoming one in your country.

      Let me know how it turns out 🙂


    • A Salaam Aliekum Ahmed, in answer to your question there is only one main lodge in the ME which is a Scottish lodge in Jordan, Lodge Jordan #1339. Other lodges are secondary lodges in the US military bases in the Gulf. Hope this answers your question

  2. How about The House Of The Temple Scottish Rite in Washington, DC. a must see.
    also, the Philadelphia Grand Lodge is awesome I hear.

  3. Brothers,
    Hope you are doing well.

    If you are referring to the UGLE building in the photograph, it was built from 1927 until 1932. The Premier Grand Lodge of England (the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster), as an entity came into being in 1717.

    Before that the Ancient Society of Freemasons in the City of York met since at least 1705. In response to the creation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, they renamed themselves the Grand Lodge of All England Meeting at York.

    One of the founding Lodges of the Premier Grand Lodge of England broke away temporarily, allied themselves with the Grand Lodge of All England Meeting at York, and renamed their Lodge as the Grand Lodge of All England South of the River Trent.

    They later made amends and rejoined the Premier Grand Lodge of England.

    In 1751 the Most Ancient and Honourable Society of Free and Accepted Masons according to the Old Constitutions (the ‘Antients’), was created in opposition to the Premier Grand Lodge of England. It was not a schism since they were not formerly part of the Premier Grand Lodge of England.

    The Premier Grand Lodge of England and the ‘Antients’ merged in 1813 to form the United Grand Lodge of England.

    In opposition to the merger, a Grand Lodge was established in Wigan, England. They felt that the ‘Antients’ compromised too much in the merger.

    Quite a lot of Grand Lodges in the early days!

    Hope this helps. Take care.


  4. Great info and well put together. Check out Chicago, I understand there is whole city block that is totally Masonic and historical.

    Thanks Bob.

  5. How about the Scottish Rite Temple in Guthrie, Oklahoma? It is on the National Historic Register.

  6. Dear Brethren,
    We need to make sure that the person soliciting information is not a Cowan and an intruder to freemasonry ,before we volunteer information .
    We are passing through testing times it is important to guard the outer door as well as we guard the inner.
    Regards And Best Wishes
    Bro. Albert Rego

    • Brother Rego, there is nothing wrong with letting the world know where some of our temples (and other institutions) are and what they look like. Many are open to the general public, and Lodge rooms are also open. Let us not give in to us being a ”secret organization” again when we and most of our Grand Lodges are doing their best to show Who and What we really are. These are BUILDINGS, not ritual. Fr@t.

  7. The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is definitely a must see to add to your list. What a fantastic building and the history behind it is amazing!

  8. Illuminati and freemasons. Why are they linked if there is no funny business going about there?!

    • The Illuminati group was a group that really existed but they have nothing to do with Freemasonry. They also disbanded a long time ago. I think “Illuminati” references are now just conspiracy theories. Just my thoughts.

  9. Glad to say, I visited them all. But you are right, GL of NY is superb. If you can, get guided tour.

    • I would suggest the “Hanging Chapel” in Langport may be worthy of inclusion in the list. A 1000 year old chapel, originally the East gate of the walled town of Langport. It has been one of the smallest masonic temples in the UK if not the world for over 130 years. Home to the world famous Portcullis Lodge 2038. The temple is only 9m x 5m, but when I was initiated there were 125 present and 50 more for dinner who could not squeeze into the temple…. we dine at a hotel 400m down the hill from.
      We get many visitors from all over the world. We open to the public every few months. All are welcome.

  10. The Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Guthrie, OK is one of the largest, and some believe, the largest Masonic Temple in the United States. Is on the National Registry of Historic Places and many call it one of the wonders of the modern world. You’re, honestly, missing an amazing, and very influential building from your list. It is, truly, magnificent. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_Rite_Temple_(Guthrie,_Oklahoma)

  11. I was wondering if you could tell me how the Masons played a part in the Public School system in the United States.

  12. hello brethren
    my best greetings from here ( south east France ).
    I strongly vote in favor of having more masonic pictures !
    If you, visitors of masonicfind.com, are also interested in more, you can visit a European masonic blog ( which is however in French ) : hiram.be
    hiram.be issues every sunday a few masonic pictures taken by members ; you have the links here : http://www.hiram.be/theme/photos/
    You will see that a certain number were taken in the USA…and, by the way, I am planning a trip to California, so I would be glad to have your masonic hints !
    triple kisses

  13. Interesting that the only comment about the supposed link between the “Illuminati” and the Masons comes from “anonymous”. Anonymous might want to get to know some Masons and speak to them with an open mind.

  14. Greetings from Argentina! I am glad I found this site, I visited Palacio Cangallo (Cangallo Palace) (sorry for my english, I need to practice a lot) for some special ocasions. Temples are beautiful there, although my work in masonry its in another place, I hope some day I can visit this beatiful lodges and have a nice conversation with the masons. For that I know I must have a passport, so I will be pacient until I have my autorization from my lodge. I’ ll ask my 2 nd Vig:. If I can write other messages to you.

  15. I’ve visited the following buildings: UGLE, GL of Scotland, George Washington, House of the Temple, Paris, Rosslyn Chapel and GL of NSW in Sydney. The last one is quite a competitor in this category.

  16. May I suggest a visit to The Masonic Centre in Tintagel, Cornwall, UK. It is advertised as “King Arthur’s Great Hall” and is open to the public when lodges aren’t meeting as it has a non-Masonic history. It is however quite obvious to anyone who has seen a temple that lodge meetings are held there (the large G hanging from the ceiling was a bit of a give away). It is a small but spectacular building.

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