Greetings brothers. Glad to say that I have finally had the time to go over the pictures I took of Rosslyn Chapel back in September and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

I have already published the pictures I took at the Grand Lodge Of Scotland in Edinburgh, so take a look at that as well.

(It’s a fantastic building and their Masonic museum is incredible!)

the great masonic library

I have to say it was an honor that I got to visit there with my proposer.

It was a surprisingly sunny day in Edinburgh and the weather was gorgeous. I couldn’t ask for a better day! Everything was perfect!

We were also very lucky to visit when we did because as they had just finished restoring the chapel and had taken down all the scaffolding just a few days before! We got to see it in all it’s splendid glory!

I would love to visit again someday. I think every Freemason should visit there at least once in their lives. Think of it as the “Mecca” of Freemasonry.

Rosslyn Chapel is a fantastic, beautiful place, rich in Masonic & Templar history.

I suggest you check out this Wikipedia article for more information about the connection between Rosslyn and our craft.

I leave you to enjoy the pictures below, feel free to share them as you wish but please do link back to this page if you do.

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      What would you like to know about Bro George Agee?

    • Visit the Abby at Tewkesbury and see the array if Masons’ marks on the completed stonework, quite extraordinary.

  1. I had the honor of attending the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 2003 during my year as Master of my Lodge in Oregon. I was also able to attend a Mark Master Degree in the Mother Kilwinning Lodge as well as Rosslyn Chapel. Each visit to these historic places was very enlightening and the Brothers were the epitome of Brotherly Love at its best. Rosslyn Chapel is definitely na desired destination for a Traveling man. Fred Lutz

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      It’s an amazing place that every mason needs to see. So much history in that building. It’s very close to “magical”!

    • The Grand Lodge of Ireland in Dublin is quite impressive too and has the advantage that their 10 minute bus service will drop you and pick you up at the door!

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