12 Interesting Facts About The Freemasons

There are many myths and theories about Freemasonry.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to distinguish between what’s a myth and what’s the truth.

Throughout the many years of Freemasonry, rumours have brought about plenty of wrong information, misguided accusations and all-around “illiteracy” about the craft.

That is why today we’d like to share some very interesting (and truthful) facts about Freemasonry.

Some may come as a total surprise and some you may already know. Nonetheless, we really hope you enjoy this article.

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Fact #1: 300+ Years Of Freemasonry

The conventional establishment of Freemasonry dates back to 1717 when the Grand Lodge of London emerged on 24th June.

It was the emergence of this Grand Lodge that marked the beginning of Grand Lodges governing other lodges.

Fact #2: The Third Degree Of Freemasonry

The Third Degree Of Freemasonry

The third degree did not exist in the beginning of Freemasonry.

In fact, it only started in the 1720s, and it took quite some time to spread through Masonic lodges.

Fact #3: The Anderson’s Constitution

The Anderson’s Constitution

The Grand Lodge of England modified Anderson’s Constitution in 1815 to clarify the question of religion in Freemasonry.

The Anderson’s Constitution originally stated that a Freemason can “never be a stupid Atheist nor an irreligious libertine”, but later was modified to “let a man’s religion or mode of worship be what it may”, professing freedom of religion and of worship.

Fact #4: Charles Darwin Was A Freemason

Charles Darwin Was A Freemason

Charles Darwin was a Freemason! Darwin became a Freemason in Scotland, and his grandfather and son were also Freemasons.

Fact #5: Freemasonry In The 1700s

Freemasonry In The 1700s

Freemasons played a great part in the Enlightenment. In the late 1700s, they helped reform society.

Since the beginning, Freemasonry has valued human consciousness and reason, and these values were transmitted to the Enlightenment when people were fighting for the freedom of worship and speech, public education and a democratic government.

Fact #6: All Men Are Created Equal

All Men Are Created Equal

Freemasons were also the first advocates of equality.

The fraternity has always disregarded social distinctions and was one of the first organisations in the world to believe that all men are equal.

Fact #7: The Origins Of Masonic Symbols

The Origins Of Masonic Symbols

Freemasonic symbols are usually regarded as existing because of the secrecy of the fraternity.

However, in reality, Freemasonry was illustrated by symbols because, in the very beginning, most stonemasons were illiterate, thus the symbols served to remind the members of the teachings of the Fraternity.

Fact #8: The Square & Compasses

The Square & Compasses

The oldest Masonic symbol is the square and compasses.

It is also the most universally recognized symbol of Freemasonry, even though its exact significance varies in different countries.

The Square usually symbolizes morality, while the Compasses symbolize the wisdom of conduct.

Together they mostly symbolize the harmony and perfection experienced when one lives in honesty and follows the path of righteousness.

Fact #9: “On The Level”

what does "on the level" mean in freemasonry

The term “on the level”, which was used to describe someone who is truthful and honest, was actually derived from Freemasonry, where the “level” symbolizes being straightforward and truthful.

Fact #10: Freemasonry In The American Civil War

Freemasonry In The American Civil War

During the American civil war, enemy soldiers who recognized each other as Freemasons helped each other and saved each other’s lives.

Even during the war, these Freemasons’ loyalty to the craft did not fade away.

Fact #11: Is Freemasonry A Cult?

Is Freemasonry A Cult?

While Freemasonry is often considered a cult, there are actually quite a few components that separate it from other “cults.

First of all, to become a Freemason a man has to ask a Freemason, while members of a cult are always looking for new recruits.

It is also very easy to leave Freemasonry. On the other hand, once part of a cult, it can be extremely difficult to leave.

Fact #12: The Tallest Building In The World

The Tallest Building In The World

In 1892, a Masonic building spread out over 22 floors used to be the world’s tallest building.

The Masonic Temple in Illinois, Chicago, was the tallest building in the world at the time it was built. See a list of famous Masonic temples here.

More Interesting Masonic History

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In Closing

I hope you enjoyed today’s article, brethren.

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12 interesting facts about the freemasons


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  1. This was very cool to read. My father was a Freemason and he passed away when I was 12..I would constantly ask him questions when I was young..but he would never tell! My mom was in Eastern Star and I was in Rainbow.

    • Hey Kirsty ! 🙂

      You must be so proud of your family.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. We want to make this site interesting to everybody not just freemasons. I hope you found us interesting 🙂


  2. very interesting,… Darwin a mason. one of the main precepts of the craft is belief in a creator. before reading this tidbit about Darwin I always knew that of coarse evolution is logical, but, the vary act of life and existence itself most certainly confirms the hand of God / the creator

    • in other words. “Darwin’s Theory of Evolution” does not debunk God in the slightest, rather it expands upon the fact of a Grand Design

  3. Very informative but I do believe there is more to it than this. I know there is more to everything in life, as would like to be something more in it for me I feel I was destined to be so much more. I feel I could help others out more in life.

  4. Hi,
    Great facts about The Craft, the only one I didn’t agree with being on the list was the one about cults. Being a Freemason, I understand perfectly well that we have absolutely nothing to do with cults but the fact that we need to list that “we are not a cult”, makes it sound like we aren’t a cult but we might be in the same ballpark. I don’t know if what I’m saying makes sense or coming out the right way on screen. Anyway, not to be a pain in the butt it’s just there could be something more positive to write instead of “not a cult”. It’s like writing (and I am exaggerating here) a list of interesting facts about someone and one of them being “he is not a killer”. That’s all. Have a great weekend!

  5. Another difference between Freemasonry and the various cults is that we have no Leader who controls our thoughts, words and deeds. Our leaders are democratically elected every year or two, and they are bound by our constitutions and by-laws.

  6. Hi Masonic find,

    I had, and always have been fascinated by the masonic movement. How can I join this fraternity?

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  7. Being a new brother myself i found this very interesting. It has lots of info id love to explore and expand on. Thanks so much!

  8. I understand that African Amercans and white americans stii join different lodges. I understand that the division is a thing of the 18th century…but they are still separate? How Masonic is this? Do the “white” and Prince Hall even co-operate?


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