Is Freemasonry A Cult (& Can Christians Pray In Lodge)?

A common attack by various entities (Christian and non-Christian alike) is that Freemasonry is a cult.

Another common attack that some Christian denominations make against Masonry is that Christians cannot pray in Lodge.

Is Freemasonry a cult?

In the religious/spiritual sense, absolutely not. Can Christians pray in a Masonic Lodge? Yes, we absolutely can.

is freemasonry a cult

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Cults/Religions and Masonry

Cult is synonymous with religion; arguably, the only people who are not cultists are atheists.

Anyone who subscribes to a religious or spiritual ideology is therefore no less a cultist than I (as a Christian) am.

This stated, Freemasonry is neither a religion nor a substitute for one. It lacks all of the elements that are required for it to be a religion and therefore also does not qualify as a cult.

Each Mason is expected to have his own religious/spiritual foundation apart from his membership and participation in Masonry.

Now, if cult is used to denote a concept that is irrelevant to religion/spirituality, then sure, Masonry can be a cult; but only in the same ways as CrossFit or fans of “cult classic” movies are sometimes referred to.

Then again, the term cult would then also be equally applicable in that sense to sports fans, the Boy Scouts, book lovers, and those who love literally any other hobby, profession, or product.

Prayer in Lodge

christianity and freemasonry
Christianity & Freemasonry
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As has been discussed elsewhere on MasonicFind, prayer is used in the lodge and grand lodge meetings (as well as in the meetings of various appendant/concordant and affiliate groups).

The prayer that we employ is religiously neutral, comparable to what prayers might be given at a town hall meeting, in the Boy Scouts, or in the Senate.

In Masonry, the person designated to say the prayers is the Chaplain.

Because it is religiously neutral, Deity is referred to by a religiously neutral title: Grand Architect of the Universe (and some variants thereof).

We use religiously neutral language out of respect for each other’s freedom of religion/belief. For us Christians, this title (just as other neutral titles like God, Deity, Lord, and so on) applies to the God of the Bible.

Possible Exception

I have witnessed prayer made in a Lodge in the name of Jesus Christ; this was done on an occasion when all of the Masons who were present were Christians. I am aware of other Christians who claim to have had the same experience.


Freemasonry is in no way, shape, or form qualifies as a religious/spiritual cult. Christians can absolutely pray in Masonic Lodges.

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This article was written for by Brandon Cole, SW.

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