Should Homosexuality Be Accepted In Freemasonry?

Brethren, today we’re going to be discussing a very controversial topic that I know many people have strong views against/for.

Today we are discussing; homosexuality in Freemasonry.

You are welcome (and encouraged) to add your views (for or against) but please; let’s keep it civil.

The number of openly homosexual people is growing.

This is not because more people are homosexual today than before, but because, even though homosexuals are still not widely accepted, homosexuality is becoming less of a “taboo” and being homosexual is not considered “crazy” or “shocking” anymore.

I’m a heterosexual male and a Freemason but I have always wondered if Freemasonry accepted homosexual members and welcomes them to the fraternity.

In this article, we will discuss this idea covering the subject both theoretically and also taking a look at how “old rules” can come into play when it comes to accepting homosexuality in the Craft.

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Is Freemasonry Based on Equality?

homosexuality in freemasonry

One of the main principles upon which Freemasonry is founded is equality.

Freemasons have always been advocates for all kind of equality – racial, social etc. Theoretically, this means that homosexuals should be accepted by Freemasonry.

The only requirements a man should have to join Freemasonry are (as we know); a belief in a supreme being and good moral standing. Therefore, sexual orientation is entirely out of the equation.

It is never mentioned in Freemasonry and a member is never asked about his sexual orientation.

However, while the principles of Freemasonry indicate that a homosexual should be able to join the fraternity, as he is equal to everyone else, this is not always the case in real life.

From my research about this subject, I came across a lot of members on forums that say they have a homosexual member in their lodge BUT I’m aware that certain lodges may not be so open to “alternative lifestyles” and homosexuals are not be “cast out”.

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Freemasonry advocates freedom, and each and every member is allowed freedom of belief.

Certain members’ faith may induce them to believe that accepting a homosexual in Freemasonry may be a sin or immoral, and for this reason, a homosexual may be voted against or as we say “black-balled”.

Let’s keep in mind that Freemasonry has adult members of all ages, so older members who may not be as accustomed talking and hearing about homosexuality as we are today and might possibly believe that no homosexual should join Freemasonry as this would be immoral, and they may blackball a candidate.

So while Freemasonry in itself should accept any man of good character, regardless of sexual orientation, a person’s culture or personal beliefs may lead to a homosexual not being accepted into the fraternity.

I find this very controversial since every Freemason should apply all Masonic teachings to his life, and Freemasonry teaches us to accept everyone and to circumscribe prejudice which should not exist in our lives.

Would it be moral to vote against a person who wants to join Freemasonry to improve and develop just because of his sexual orientation?

While there is no rule prohibiting homosexuals to join Freemasonry and as we said; the subject of sexual orientation is never brought up in Freemasonry, some lodges may still be hesitant in accepting someone who is homosexual to join the fraternity.

However, Masonic teachings indicate that we are all brothers under the same sky and to be truly moral we should learn to tolerate, accept and respect everyone, no matter their race, beliefs, social status or sexual orientation is.

The way I see it; since many issues against homosexuality come from religious beliefs and Freemasonry is neither a religion nor a fraternity that follows one specific religion;

I would personally not have a problem with a homosexual becoming a brother.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think homosexuals should be / should not be allowed to join the Lodge? Have you ever had a homosexual male that wanted to join your lodge?

Let us know below BUT please let’s keep this respectful between brothers! Any distasteful comment will not be published.



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79 thoughts on “Should Homosexuality Be Accepted In Freemasonry?”

  1. Freemasonry is about the universal laws of justice and morality that should be the dominant theme in every society. Freemasonry shouldn’t allow itself to become a pro-homosexual organization for many reasons similar to those that proscribe preference for specific religious beliefs. For me personally, the politics of the professional and militant pro-homosexual crowd are troubling. In my experience those who adhere to homosexual practices usually have other beliefs and practices that I believe are contrary to the moral and social virtues elevated by Freemasonry. While individuals should be left alone in most matters, those of us who do not want to adopt the lifestyle and beliefs of the homosexual cult are increasingly harassed and intimidated by a well-organized movement that does not seem to be devoted to anything but increasing confusion and division. Let Freemasonry remain devoted to the principles that have distinguished it for several centuries and not become another tool for those who, in fact, do not really believe in what Freemasonry stands for.

    • Hello Adam! 🙂

      Thanks for your input and I understand where you’re coming from any I respect your opinion but isn’t Freemasonry all about equality and FREEdom.

      Homosexuality is a religious issue and Freemasonry and religion are not the same thing.

      I hope you see and respect my point of view as well! 🙂

      Many thanks!

    • First, homosexuality is not a cult. Secondly, supporting gay individuals in their desire to become a freemason is hardly the same as “adopting the lifestyle and beliefs of the homosexual cult”. Thirdly, supporting the desire of a homosexual person in his desire to be a freemason is not the same as allow freemasonry to become a pro-homosexual organization. Rather it is allowing freemasonry to be more tolerant of others. And lastly, who are you to decide, based on the sexuality of another, whether they do not really believe in what Freemasonry stands for?

    • I agree with Adam. The principles of Freemasonry is about moral and values as good men. To advocate homosexuality in Freemasonry is totally against what it stands for. Yes Freemasonry stands up for freedom but not to be hypocritical on its foundation.

    • The “politics” of homosexuals are to be treated as equal citizens. I submit that any Mason unwilling to treat a homosexual brother as an equal, fundamentally fails to grasp the Square.

    • I am a Freemason and I happen to be gay.I am also 32 years old and find that many of the brothers my age simply do not care either way.Also I do not broadcast my orientation outside or inside the lodge room. All differences are suppose to be set aside inside the lodge room to begin with. I love being a Freemason and I love the code of ethics the fraternity committs me to.I simple aim to be a good person and to be committed to my brothers in the craft. Even if a fellow brother takes issue with my orientation,I would still go out of my way to assist him as I take my obligation seriously.

    • That’s one way to go 🙂

      As long as it’s not made an issue, it won’t be.

      Thanks for your input.

      Much appreciated!

    • Homosexuality isn’t “advocated” in Freemasonry anymore than sex with my female wife is. When or how I am intimate with my spouse has NOTHING to do with Freemasonry. Am I to understand that every single Mason in my Lodge or around the world abstains from oral sex and/or any other sexual activity that is frowned upon in the Bible or any other religious text? Suppose my wife was an athiest or someone who preferred sodomy? Would that mean that Freemasonry advocated these things by admitting me as a Master Mason?? Who a person is in a relationship with or has sexual relations with has NOTHING TO DO with their membership or Masonry. Please tell me who the authority is who decides what constitutes “moral virtues”? Half the Masons I know are divorced men. Meanwhile, one Mason I know is a church-going gay man who has been in the same monogamous relationship for almost 30 years. Is Freemasonry advocating divorce? Is Freemasonry advocating all of the insanity that the Jesters in my state have been charged with engaging in? How on earth am I affected by who one of my lodge brethren may be in love with or attracted to?? There’s no question of morality…it’s actually weird that people are so concerned with who OTHER people are sleeping with or attracted to.

    • I have thought that one of the main reasons why we accept new members , is that they must be at least believe in god and follow the path of a religion , and as far as i know , not un chrestianity nor in islam Homosexuality is accepted . PS: sorry for bad english ^^’

    • Wow! I am SO GLAD that I left Conservative Freemasonry and went the route of Progressive Freemasonry. This is not even an issue in the Grand Orient de France or any of the progressive obediences found in CLIPSAS, SIMPA or any other organization of progressive Masonic obediences. Men, women, straight, gay, black, white…these are non – issues; they’re all accepted! A person isn’t even asked if he or she believes in “God” and politics and religion ARE discussed in lodge. But then again, I’ve come to realize that the United Grand Lodge of England, being completely under the powers of the Royal Family since its true date of inception in 1813 (as is all of Conservative Freemasonry) is committed to preserving the status quo — keeping things as they are, with the rich in their place and the poor in theirs…which is why Conservative Freemasonry’s multiple charities have never gotten rid of poverty in the US. LOL…their whole raison d’etre is to actually preserve poverty while simulating doing something to make a change. But as long as two subjects are never breached (politics and religion) there is 0% chance of a revolt or revolution. There is 0% chance of laws being changed to improve conditions for the poor. Heaven forbid, that would be discussing politics! Women are kept out because they are more intelligent and because they can identify with the des