For some odd reason, Freemasonry is always associates with (shady) looking old men that just ooze the aura they have all the money and power in the world.

This is a very wrong assumption of Freemasonry.

From my experiences in the Craft and from being a Master Mason for nearly 10 years now, I have to say that the general perception of the “powerful Freemason” is completely not true. While yes, some Freemasons may also be very wealthy in their own right, it has absolutely nothing to do with being a member.


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“Getting rich” is not one of the of the benefits of joining Freemasonry.

Today, I want to address the question; Can Freemasonry make you rich, or at least “earn you money” while being a member?

The answer to both those 2 questions is a big no.

Sorry to disappoint.

In fact, and you may be surprised to learn about this; Freemasons will cost you money to be a member, not the other way round.

can freemasonry make you rich

Does Freemasonry Cost Money?

Yes, it does.

Just like any other fraternal organization or private membership club, there are dues involved which you have to pay for every year.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Freemasons?

There is no exact figure as lodge dues vary widely but if you are thinking of becoming a Freemason, be prepared to have a yearly fee tied to your membership.

Apart from that, you also have other contributions which you need to make. From charity dinners to other activities, certain things cost money.. that’s just how the world functions.

So back to the question of whether Freemasonry can make you rich, again; it’s a no.

Why Are Freemasons Portrayed as Being Rich And Powerful?

This is a mystery to me as Freemasonry actually started as the “poor men’s fraternity” of stone masons.

Over time, it has attracted the attention of powerful people such as these previous US presidents listed here along with some British Royalty and various many businessmen from around the world.

Great Read: Freemasons Of The Orient.

Is there no way to make money with Freemasonry?

Making money, or to be exact; building and growing a business requires you to network with people who would be interested in your services.

The only way I can see Freemasonry making you money is through leveraging the connections and brotherhood you will form inside the lodge with the brethren there.

Just like any social club or social group in general, connections are made naturally and being in the presence of men; money and business are a frequent topic outside the lodge.

However, let me repeat this again: Freemasonry will not make you rich and if you want to join simply because you want the powerful connections and contacts you will get by being a member, I will suggest that you reconsider as, quite frankly, there are better options for you out there for networking for business purposes.

Freemasonry has many benefits but making you rich is not one of them.

what are the benefits of being a freemason

(Other) Advantages Of Being A Freemason

Freemasonry can, however, make you rich in life morals, friendship and by being a better brother and a better man in life.

Joining just to make money is just a step in the wrong direction and I would suggest you stay away from Freemasonry if that’s what you are after.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Freemason?

If you’d like to know how to join the Freemasons – for the right reasons – you can see our guide about becoming a member in our guide here:

>> How To Join The Freemasons.

Thank you for reading my quick post. I hope all is well with you and I wish you all the best in finding other methods of growing financially.





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  1. Actually, by joining Freemasonry you can be more financially educated because you can meet a thousand of highly successful person in business and financial independence. My opinions as a person who born in Indonesia is we think, by joining the fraternity can make you wealthier because most of highly ranked brother in Freemasonry often appear in our text book, such as Thomas Stanford Raffles, and the most famous painter from Yogyakarta, Raden Saleh. You can find someone that have been financialy prosper too in the other fraternity, but Freemasonry is the best one if you want to grow up your business, because the fraternity focusing on personal development and helping the other which in needs. Knights Templar Order if a good one if you so choose.

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