How Much Does It Cost To Become A Freemason?

How much does it cost to become a Freemason?

The cost of becoming a Freemason varies from lodge to lodge and there is no single answer to this question.

However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be rich to join Freemasonry as the membership fees are relatively low.

Here’s what you can expect to pay when you’re looking to become a Freemason:

  • Annual Dues –  $80
  • Degrees Cost – $300

The $100 you pay is for the materials you receive during membership, such as a copy of Lodge bylaws, apron, study guides, and etc.

Apart from this, most of the lodges in the United States ask you to pay the fee for the application, which can be around $200 also.

This is just a fee to apply and it doesn’t guarantee your admission. If you are accepted, you have to pay $100 more for your first degree.

These are (roughly) the estimated costs for you if you want to become a Freemason.

the cost of becoming a Freemason

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Do Younger Members Pay Lower Fees?

In some Lodges in the United States, the fee can be reduced by 50% to people who are under 25 years of age.

Though this isn’t applicable in every lodge, there are still many lodges in the United States that offer some benefits for the younguns in order to build their interest and make them comprehend Freemasonry.

You have to submit an application, and you must be of lawful age, which is in most jurisdictions 21.

Can You Join Freemasonry Without Money?

No. It’s not possible.

It is pertinent for a new candidate to meet his financial obligations to his lodge.

Now, if there is some special scheme or event in the university in which they are educating people about Freemasonry, it is an utterly different thing.

Otherwise, if you cannot come up with at least $100 for a year, it would be impossible to join it.

We know many people want to join the lodge, but they go through hard times often. It is immensely tough to save money as it is often spent on necessities.

If this is your case too, it is better to wait until you have the money.

In Freemasonry, you are basically encouraged to give to charities.

If you can’t afford the initiation fee of your own, in a way, you will be an issue for a lodge, as they will be compelled to support you rather than supporting their cause.

There are a few more things which you should know:

  • If you are already a member of your local lodge, but can’t afford the fee of the second degree, you can appeal to remit your dues for the year.
  • The interviewer can directly ask you regarding your business or job and won’t accept your application in case he believes the money can be an issue for you.
  • In some cases, the lodge can support you but it would be a couple of times only. If you won’t change your financial situation, it can quit your membership.
  • According to some Freemasons, you can join a lodge without money if some member sponsors you or help you with the initiation fee.

Are There Any Additional Charges?

Yes, there can be some additional charges after joining the Blue Lodge.

For example, it is usual to have meetings, followed by dinner.

You have to pay for the dinner, depending on the venue. The cost of the meals can also be added to your annual subscription.

For that reason, it is better to ask for these small details before joining the lodge.

Also, don’t forget to ask about the materials too which you need to have such as study guides, traveling warrant, and heirloom volume of sacred law.

Some lodges don’t offer these things free of charge – you have to pay extra for them.

If you are serious about joining a lodge and want to become a Master Mason, ponder the cost of the regalia too.

Regalia is a sign of royalty which is necessary for a Master Mason. It can also cost between $30 to $50.

Lastly, and most importantly. You will be invited to donate to the charity. If we say charity is the soul of Freemasonry, it would be 100% correct. However, it is entirely up to you how much you wish to contribute.

The overall average cost of becoming a Master Mason is $500.

You don’t have to pay the whole amount together, of course. It can change also as the cost can vary considerably from Lodge to Lodge.

Besides, if you want to become a Freemason, it is imperative to satisfy the Lodge that the payment will not be a burden for you, ever.

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  1. Being a Mason is in my family roots and history. I am just late in life following through with my family history!
    Just recently, while going through my family history and lineage, discovered that my two grate uncles and grandfather were masons. This then sparked my interest.

  2. I’ve been considering the idea of wanting to be a Mason. I have to ask, because I have many, but what if someone has tattoos that cannot be covered? I’ve worked for the Government for the past 35 yrs and have never been questioned, but I feel it could be questioned as a possible member.

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