Greetings brethren, I just came across a video on YouTube on the UGLE’s (United Grand Lodge Of England) channel and I just had to share it with you.

It’s really a heart-warming short film about the lives of random Freemasons in the UK. It takes a close look at the lives, families, traditions and many charities and events being run by our UK brothers.

the UGLE in london

the great masonic library

Again, I have to say it’s super awesome and you should really take the 10min out of your day and check it out – it would warm your heart and it will remind you on why you decided to become a Freemason.


Below are also some links you might find interesting about Freemasonry in general…

what it means to be a freemason
Watch this video on YouTube

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  1. Would be helpful if you’d write an article about the very real differences between the older ‘Blue Lodge’ Freemasonry and the many organizations that attached themselves to it.

    One can understand that Freemasonry must be important by looking at the people who oppose it.

    Don’t let the misunderstandings, superstitions, and prejudices of others prevent you from the benefits of becoming a Freemason. Not the financial benefits – those who tell you that joining will guarantee you success are telling lies… you will be held to a higher standard, not a lesser one.

    If you live in a country where Freemasonry is illegal, do not despair. There is a Lodge somewhere and you simply must make an effort to find it.

    A.O. in Jerusalem

  2. Austin G. Hamilton Reply

    THis site is getting better each time you send things and i am passing them on. Thanks Austin

  3. Engr. Izu ONYEJEGBU Reply

    Worthy Bro. Austin, I appreciate your efforts. But I wonder why Masonic Lodges in Nigeria don’t invite non-members to partake in their “open-day” activities; in order to be realistic about Freemasonry and thus be spontaneously encouraged “TO BE 1”

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