25 Types of Swords Every Man Should Know

Common Swords guide for Freemasons

Freemasonry, a fraternity rich in symbolism and tradition, has long cherished the sword as a significant ceremonial object, embodying principles of justice, protection, and moral integrity In this article, we delve into the diverse and intriguing array of swords. From Tyler’s sword to the broad and mighty Scottish Claymore to the sleek and elegant Japanese … Read more

50 Ways To Become A Better Man (& A Better Freemason)

how to become a better man

As you may already know, Freemasonry is all about taking good men and making them better. With that idea in mind, today, we’ve decided to publish an extensive list of 50 ways you can become a better man (and a better Freemason). While I can’t promise (and I don’t expect) for you to agree with … Read more