Masonic Meetings & Coronavirus (What You Should Know/Do)

masonic meetings and the coronavirus

The Coronavirus looks like it’s here to stay (at least for the time being). As I’m sure you know already, this virus can easily spread by touching (a handshake) and it doesn’t help to be in confined spaces either (such as a Masonic Lodge meeting). You know what I’m getting at here. As Freemasons, these … Read more

Is Juan Guido of Venezuela a Freemason? (Confirmed)

Juan Guido freemason

Is Juan Guido of Venezuela a Freemason? It does seem like it yes. From the following image which has just surfaced online, it seems like Juan Guido, the newly “elected” President of Venezuela (backed by both the US and the EU) seems to be at the very least; an entered apprentice in Freemasonry. Could this … Read more