Our Duty & Responsibilities as Freemasons

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Make no doubt about it, my Brothers: Freemasonry is the most excellent organization ever conceived by the mind of man.

It has impacted the evolution of civil society beyond that of any organization outside of organized religion.

I have no doubt that without Freemasonry, the civilized world would probably not exist.

The world is as it is today because of Freemasonry.

Recognizing these facts, my Brothers, we have inherited an extraordinary responsibility.

One of more than just keeping the name Freemasonry alive.

We must keep it a viable force that can display to the world what is good and right in mankind, a unique organization in a world that needs that uniqueness, an organization known worldwide by the quality of its membership.

But sadly, we are making many decisions today that indicate a lack of interest in preserving the integrity of the Craft.

We seem more intent on redefining and reshaping it into what we believe society wants us to be.

But we must be more than that.

Freemasonry leads, not follows.

Those who know what I’m talking about know what I’m talking about.

I’ll leave you to it.


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