Perfecting Freemasonry

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Freemasonry is not a static institution.

Rather, it is a way of existence.

A guiding philosophy for how we conduct our lives.

Just as we cannot change fundamental aspects of life like breathing, walking, or the natural elements…

we must accept Masonry for what it is;

A rich tapestry of history, tradition, principles, and purposes that have endured the test of time.

The true essence of Masonry lies in how each of us applies its teachings to our lives.

The value of Masonry today is no less significant than it was a century ago, and its philosophy remains as relevant as ever.

Instead of pondering how to modernize Masonry, we should focus on better integrating its teachings into our daily existence.

The modernization of Masonry should occur within the hearts and minds of individual Masons, as there are no limitations to our understanding and growth in this Craft.

Each day presents an opportunity to gain new insights and deepen our appreciation for what Freemasonry means to us.

Our hope is that every Mason, through dedicated engagement with our Craft, diligent study, and understanding, will find renewed appreciation.

Let us move beyond vague notions of “Modernizing Freemasonry” and instead wholeheartedly seek to understand what this fraternity truly means to us.

Trust in the Craft enough to admire it, study it, and perfect it.

Apply its teachings in your life, and by doing so, you will enhance both yourself and Freemasonry.

After all, this is why we are here.


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