Should Homosexuality Be Accepted In Freemasonry?

homosexuality in freemasonry

Brethren, today we’re going to be discussing a very controversial topic that I know many people have strong views against/for. Today we are discussing; homosexuality in Freemasonry. You are welcome (and encouraged) to add your views (for or against) but please; let’s keep it civil. The number of openly homosexual people is growing. This is not … Read more

12 Interesting Facts About The Freemasons

There are many myths and theories about Freemasonry. Sometimes, it becomes hard to distinguish between what’s a myth and what’s the truth. Throughout the many years of Freemasonry, rumours have brought about plenty of wrong information, misguided accusations and all-around “illiteracy” about the craft. That is why today we’d like to share some very interesting (and truthful) facts … Read more

Prince Hall Freemasonry: Who Is Prince Hall?

prince hall freemasonry

The Prince Hall Fraternity has over 4,500 lodges all around the world and has hundreds of thousands of members. It was Prince Hall Masonry that opened the doors to Freemasonry for African Americans, even though it was not an easy task. Following is a brief history of Prince Hall African American Masonry and its infamous … Read more