Why we Ought to be Thankful Freemasonry Exists

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Masonry is a place where you can confidently trust every person.

It’s where free thought and free speech can thrive within moral and civil guidelines.

It’s where the spiritual growth of a man can grow into its fullest potential.

Masonry is a place that provides the opportunity to meet outstanding individuals from all walks of life you would not have met otherwise.

It’s an organization that regards Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth as its principal tenets, and we get to be a part of it.

Masonry is a place that provides self-development opportunities, leadership training, and learning new things about life and the world around you.

It’s a place where you can go to give support as well as seek it.

Masonry is a place where timeless moral virtues are taught.

It’s where you can spend time with good men who will encourage and applaud your efforts to become a better man yourself.

Not better than others, but better than you would have otherwise been.

For those reasons and more, we should all be thankful Freemasonry exists.

All while we support each other in attempting to become Masons and better men.

~ MasonicFind

PS: If you’re not yet a Mason, but you’re preparing to become one, you’re welcome to join our Freemasons’ Community and start learning.

You’d benefit greatly from our Entered Apprentice courses, conversations with other members, and perhaps even finding a mentor.

PSS: Joining our online community does not make you a Freemason. If you have no intention of ever becoming one, do not join. You’d only be wasting your money. There are no “secrets” to be found there.