What Is The All Seeing Eye Meaning In Freemasonry?

Many people wonder: what is the All Seeing Eye & where does it come from? The symbol of the All Seeing Eye was created many years ago, and it is still a common sight today.

Many people are fascinated by it, in fact one can find many different masonic items of jewelry, tattoos, ornaments and other objects bearing the All Seeing Eye.

So what has made this symbol so popular and strong that it has withstood the test of time, and where does it come from?

Short History of the All Seeing Eye

The All Seeing Eye is a symbol derived from the Egyptian scriptures.

It comes from Horus, an Egyptian god, who is often represented by a falcon or a man with a falcon head. Horus was also known as the god of the sky for his worshippers.

There are many versions of how his eye became known as the All Seeing Eye, but probably the most popular one narrates that when he was fighting against his cousin set for his father Osiris’s throne, Horus’s left eye was damaged and cut into 6 parts.

However, the legend says that the gods restored Horus’s eye.

Because of this major eye injury and the eye’s healing, Horus’s eye got its reputation as the ‘All Seeing Eye’, and was believed to carry properties of healing and protection.

This is one of the reasons why many people today consider Horus’s eye as the ‘All Seeing Eye.’

What the All Seeing Eye Symbolizes

The eye became a symbol of protection and good health, and in ancient Egypt it was frequently used in masonic jewelry and believed to take care of and ensure safety and good health to whoever wears it.

It was also believed to offer wisdom and prosperity.

The All Seeing Eye Today

Nowadays there are various representations of this symbol. The All Seeing Eye is also designed on the backside of the one dollar bill.

You can see the Egyptian pyramid with the all seeing eye on the top of it. There it represents the Eye of Providence; which acts as a reminder that one’s thoughts and actions are being observed all the time by a force greater than us.

This symbol is also borrowed by Freemasonry, where it symbolises the omnipresence of the Great Architect of the Universe (or the creator), who is watching everything that happens in this world.

It therefore symbolises the Supreme Being. Thus, all human beings are under the same sky and under the watchful eye of a superior power.

The ‘All Seeing Eye’ is known to be this supreme power and the one who controls and watches everything in this world.

Nowadays in society we see symbols of it every day. It’s exploited in apparel and jewelry which prove that this powerful symbol still exists in today’s world.

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