90 Masonic Tattoos For Freemasons [VIDEO]

Are Masonic tattoos allowed in Freemasonry?

The idea of Masonic tattoos showing unmistakable signs of Masonic symbolism can be a bit of a controversial topic.

As most of the old-timers in the Craft would point out:

“According to your Obligation, you should never print or reveal Masonic symbols in public”.

We tend to disagree on that.

Personally, I think Masonic tattoos are a sign of pride and loyalty to the Fraternity and your Brothers. It does not disrespect the tradition and it does not reveal any secrets.

In my humble opinion, I see it as harmless as wearing a Masonic t-shirt or maybe even a Masonic ring!

You’ll also find the Square and Compasses symbol engraved outside many Masonic buildings and Lodges around the world, so how is a tattoo any different?

masonic tattoos

Should Masonic Tattoos Be Allowed?

What are your views on the subject?

Be sure to drop us a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this “Masonic moral dilemma“!

Below, you will find a beautiful collection of 90 Masonic Tattoos carefully selected and curated into one oddly-satisfying YouTube video.

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3 thoughts on “90 Masonic Tattoos For Freemasons [VIDEO]”

  1. I’ve had my first tattoo at age 17 and have been recording my life journey with tattoos ever since.
    Anyone who has a few, understand the addiction of that gun…
    My masonic journey is amazing thus far, so naturally I got my masonic tattoo and proud of it.

  2. I’ve heard that the first recorded Masonic funeral in California was for an unknown man who was only identified as a Brother by his several Masonic tattoos.


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