Freemasonry In The Old Wild West (A Freemasonry Documentary)

Freemasonry has deep roots in the founding of the United States, and many of the Founding Fathers were Masons.

This influence extended far beyond the initial establishment of the nation, particularly as the frontier expanded westward.

Pioneers, settlers, and political movers who followed in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers were often Masons, carrying the principles of brotherhood, charity, and moral uprightness into new territories.

Notable figures such as “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Billy the Kid had connections to Freemasonry, and their stories are intertwined with the Craft.

Additionally, the famous explorers Lewis and Clark, who embarked on their monumental journey to map the western territories, were influenced by Masonic ideals, which guided their interactions and decisions.

Masons played a pivotal role in the exploration, founding, and settlement of the “Wild Western” United States.

They established lodges in frontier towns, which quickly became vital centers for social and civic life.

These lodges were more than meeting places; they were beacons of stability and order in a lawless and often chaotic environment.

The principles of Freemasonry were woven into the fabric of everyday life, influencing decisions and actions in ways that helped shape the burgeoning communities.

Through their commitment to education, philanthropy, and moral conduct, Masons helped to lay the foundations for schools, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure.

Their impact is still evident today in the cultural and institutional legacy of the American West.

freemasonry in the wild wild west

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  1. That is a great video, and I plan on sharing on our site. I would encourage anyone who is interested in this history to visit our page on Texas Masonic History, which talks about early Texas masons, the founding of the Grand Lodge of Texas, as well as the Republic of Texas, and after in great detail. It can be found here, Texas most certainly would not be the same, or quite possibly even founded away from Mexican rule, without Freemasons.

  2. I hear we are devil worshiper i haven’t seen it. Yet I’m 32 degree Scotish rite how to convince them we are not

    • I’m a total outsider, but I gather that at the 33rd level you acknowledge that God is the divine architect but you don’t buy into a religious belief system (eg Christianity). That would seem like devil worship to some. Do Masons claim any particular faith?

    • No we do not have an “official” religion. Every freemason is free to practice any religion he desires just as long as he believes in a “supreme being”.

  3. This video forgets Brigham Young, a Freemason, who led pioneers to settle UT, parts of AZ, CA, NV, and Mexico.

  4. I doubt that Brigham Young was purposely left out, there are so many that were there at the time, that all could not have been mentioned.

  5. Billy the Kid lived in a Ranch in New Mexico with some relatives of me! Fantastic Story!

  6. Thanks to you Guy’s somuch, for this great video.. As mentioned before this is a mystical study by Masonic find I am so grateful..

  7. How would I be able to get into contact with the researcher who was speaking in this video? I want to do an education in my Lodge, and wanted to ask him a bit on the subject

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