What Is The Meaning of The Masonic Ring?

Perhaps no other piece of masonic regalia has achieved the type of fame associated with masonic rings.

Indeed, for some Masons, their masonic ring is even more precious than their wedding ring and this fact often irritates and sometimes baffles others who are not aware of the masonic way of doing things.

In this article, we’ll explain the meaning of a Masonic ring, what a Masonic represents, and how to wear your Masonic ring.

what is the meaning of a masonic ring

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How To Get Your Masonic Ring

Many people wrongly assume that masonic rings are given by the Masonic lodges to their members which is certainly not the case in most circumstances.

Masonic lodges are known to give their own rings to members only at 2 occasions, after the 14th and 33rd degrees of the Scottish rite which as the name suggests are extremely difficult to achieve and only the selected few reach this level which requires years of hard work and active participation in a lodge.

Only these 2 rings are considered official rings as the rest of the rings used by Freemasons across the world are selected and bought by freemasons themselves.

Out of all the masonic regalia used by Freemasons, masonic rings are perhaps the most common ones and their meaning also defers depending on the person wearing these rings.

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What Do Masonic Rings Represent?

The circle shape of the ring symbolizes eternity and a complete cycle, and rings in most cultures and religions of the world are used to symbolize commitment towards and obligation.

Marriage and other types of rings also fulfill the same purpose as these rings are used to remind the wearer of his/her commitment towards their partner.

Masonic rings perform a similar function as they remind the mason who wears the ring of his commitment towards Free-masonic Fraternity and the values and principles which Freemasonry promotes.

Now, we have already covered some basics of the masonic rings and at this point in time, you may have some obvious questions regarding the size, shape, material used for masonic rings which we are answering below.

How To Wear Your Masonic Ring

Masonic rings, are similar to most wearable rings which you may see people wearing on their fingers.

This is especially true when it comes to shape as masonic rings have a simple circle shape in most cases which can even make them indistinguishable from other rings without any masonic imagery or shapes which are often found on masonic rings.

Masonic rings often have various shapes and mottos engraved on them and these are the primary markers of masonic rings that separate them from other common rings.

Masonic square and compasses with a G representing geometry or God along with the All-seeing eye of the providence which means that God is always watching over each action are among the most common masonic symbols found on all types of masonic rings.

In addition to these shapes, masonic rings may also have mottos such as:

  • In Hoc Signo Vinces” which roughly translates from Latin as “With this as your standard, you shall have victory”.
  • Aude Vide Tace,” meaning “Watch, Listen, & Be Silent.”,
  • Lux e tenebris” meaning “Light out of darkness”,
  • Magna est Veritas, et praevalabit” meaning “Great is truth, and it will prevail
  • and many more.

These phrases from Latin as is clear from the first reading can be a confidence booster for many, particularly those who understand their meaning and many masons wear their masonic rings to be close to the symbols which provide them with vital energy.

In addition to the above-mentioned shapes and mottos, masonic rings may also contain other images such as an eagle or two eagles whose meaning may differ depending on the fact whether the eagle’s wings are pointing upwards or downwards.

As is well known, masonry has its own symbols and rituals which contain hidden meanings and even within freemasonry there are significant differences in how to interpret different symbols and masonic rings are no different when it comes to deciphering the meanings of the symbols displayed on masonic rings.

As each masonic ring can mean something completely different to a mason depending on his own understanding of the symbols and shapes engraved on the ring.

understanding your masonic ring

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Masonic rings are made of several metals and gold, silver, along with stainless steel are the most popular metals used for masonic rings.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, masonic rings gained popularity among the Freemasons and these became widely accepted as accepted pieces of male jewelry which also seemed as exotic to non-masons.

Over the years, stainless steel has emerged as the preferred choice for manufacturing masonic rings and we offer several masonic rings made of stainless steel along with the gold and silver plated masonic rings.

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