Some More Masonic Tattoos

After the success of this blog post we published last May, we have decided to compile another fine list of Masonic tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

The subject of masonic tattoos is really a hot topic on our facebook page. Some older (even younger) brothers feel that our symbols and signs should never be INKED anywhere.

I tend to disagree to that statement, personally I think masonic tattoos are a sign that your are proud of your fraternity. It does not disrespect tradition and does not reveal anything. I see it as harmless as wearing a masonic t shirt or a masonic ring.

What are your views about the subject? Make sure to drop us a comment below or on our facebook page. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here are some of my favourite masonic tattoos found on Pinterest:

Some More Masonic Tattoos

Some More Masonic Tattoos

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