Was Aleister Crowley a Freemason?

was aleister crowley a freemason

Freemasonry is an old and respected organization. It has been around for centuries and continues to thrive today. The fraternity encourages people to come together in order to help themselves and others with moral or charitable acts. However, there are many people who believe that Freemasons are a group of devil worshippers with dark secrets … Read more

The History of Freemasonry in Italy

the history of freemasonry in italy

The history of Freemasonry in Italy is an interesting one. It has been heavily influenced by the country’s rich culture and heritage. According to Wikipedia, there are over 800 Lodges spread across Italy, each with its own unique story to tell. The History of Freemasonry In Italy The history of Freemasonry in Italy can be … Read more

How Do Freemasons Recognize Each Other?

Do Freemasons Recognize Each Other

Freemasons have a long history of tradition and secrecy but how do Freemasons recognize each other? How can you tell if someone is a Freemason? In this article, we will explore the various ways that Freemasons know each other outside of Lodge! The “Secret” Handshake One of the most common ways that Freemasons recognize each … Read more

Are All Freemasons Rich? (The Truth May Surprise You)

are all freemasons rich

Many people believe that all Freemasons are wealthy, due to the fact that their membership in this society is very exclusive. But not all freemasons are rich, In fact, many Freemasons are normal, everyday people simply looking to improve themselves & become better men. This article will explore why some freemasons may be wealthier than … Read more

Freemasonry & Mathematics: The Great Mystery

The Masonic Square and Compasses with a mathematics formula in the background.

Freemasons may be considered a secret society, but perhaps one of the most intriguing questions for Freemasons is the relationship between Freemasonry and mathematics. So what is this connection? This article explores these questions by looking at various examples in history where Freemasonry has been intertwined with mathematics. The History of Mathematics In Freemasonry The … Read more

What Is Freemasonry? A Quick Introductory Beginner’s Guide

what is freemasonry

Speculative Freemasonry is a fraternal organization founded in the 18th century and has been around for over 300 years. The fraternity promotes moral and spiritual values while teaching its members about symbols and metaphors. Freemasons engage in philanthropic work, help each other out when someone needs assistance, and promote equality among all people regardless of … Read more

5 Ways For A Freemason To Make New Friends In Freemasonry

how a freemason can make new friends

Freemasonry is about companionship and Brotherhood. It’s a community of like-minded men, who are searching for ways to improve themselves and their community. When you become a Freemason (which you can see how to do here) it’s understandably a big step that might intimidate many newcomers. The best way to get over this “fear” your … Read more

The Meaning of The Acacia Symbol in Freemasonry

why is the acacia important in freemasonry

The Acacia is a symbol of immortality and resurrection. The Acacia tree has been associated with Freemasonry for centuries and is featured prominently in the organization’s most famous symbols. But what does it represent? And why is this emblem so important in Freemasonry? In this article, we will explore these questions as well as others … Read more

15 Kings Who Were Freemasons (The Kings of Freemasonry)

kings who were freemasons

As has been noted before, Freemasons are a minority in just about every demographic. There have, however, been a few among the Kings of the world. In this article, we focus on a few of the royal Kings from around the world who were also known Freemasons. Great Britain and Ireland George IV, King of … Read more

What Rights Do The Three Degrees of Freemasonry Give?

what are the rights of the freemasons

The three degrees of Freemasonry are: Entered Apprentice (or Initiated Apprentice, depending on your jurisdiction) Fellowcraft Master Mason We have been asked what rights are associated with each degree of Freemasonry. IMPORTANT: Please note that Masonic rights vary from Grand Lodge jurisdiction to Grand Lodge jurisdiction; those listed here may not apply to you, and … Read more

An Introduction To Masonic Protocol and Etiquette

Masonic Protocol and Etiquette

To understand the need, significance, and use of Masonic protocols and etiquette in our lodges and on Grand Lodge occasions, it is necessary to understand the role that protocol and etiquette play in not only our lodge but in our everyday lives. This guide deals with protocols and etiquette, first in general terms, then as … Read more

50 Ways To Become A Better Man (& A Better Freemason)

how to become a better man

As you may already know, Freemasonry is all about taking good men and making them better. With that idea in mind, today, we’ve decided to publish an extensive list of 50 ways you can become a better man (and a better Freemason). While I can’t promise (and I don’t expect) for you to agree with … Read more

Masonic Justice (Masonic Virtues Series)

masonic justice

What does Justice have to do with Freemasonry? Justice is one of the cardinal virtues and is thus a Masonic value. We endeavor to be just and true in all of our dealings. Origin and Definition Justice comes to us via the Old French justice, via the Latin iustitia, via the Latin iustus. It denotes … Read more

Can Non-Masons Wear Masonic Symbols?

can non masons wear masonic items

I have sometimes heard some wonder aloud if they could wear Masonic symbols without being Masons. I also somewhat had the thought before I became a Mason. Masonic Culture Of course, each symbol or emblem in Masonry does have a certain significance for Masons. The symbols that Masons wear on their rings (or their baseball … Read more

Why Some Groups Oppose Freemasonry (Anti-Masonry Explained)

anti masonry explained

Various groups throughout the world oppose Freemasonry. These are mostly composed of some governments and some religions. Why do they oppose Freemasonry? William Morgan and Léo Taxil We have briefly discussed Morgan and Taxil elsewhere on MasonicFind. Here are brief summaries for each: Roman Catholic Church As mentioned in the above-linked article, the Roman Catholic … Read more

Why Do Freemasons Refer To Each Other As “Brother”?

why do freemasons refer to each other as brother

Freemasons often address each other as “Brother.” We also consider ourselves “Travelers” in a way. The Masonic Brotherhood Brotherhood is a synonym for fraternity. We consider ourselves brothers (or brethren) because we have taken and endeavor to keep the very obligations necessary to become and remain a member of this Brotherhood. As Dr. Albert Mackey … Read more

What Happens at Masonic Lodge Meetings?

what happens at masonic lodge meeting

We have been asked what happens in Masonic Lodge meetings. Such meetings are exclusive to Masons, fostering the curiosity that many have about us. What happens at Masonic Lodge meetings? Types of Meetings In Masonry, there are two types of Lodge meetings: stated meetings (also called business meetings in some places) and special meetings. Stated … Read more

How To Make Sure A Masonic Lodge Is Legitimate?

how to make sure a masonic lodge is legit

You want to become a Mason or you have already joined a Lodge; however, you have learned that there are some Lodges out there that are not recognized as regular (or legitimate) by the mainstream Masonic community. How can you ensure that a Lodge is legitimate? Standards of Recognition The Standards of Recognition that are … Read more

Freemasonry & Money: Can Freemasonry Benefit You Financially?

can freemasonry benefit you financially

Some people look into joining Masonry because they believe that they can make some money as Masons. Some people also join thinking that, like an insurance or benefit society, the Lodge will just give one money. These are mercenary motives, which are actually wrong reasons to join Masonry as detailed in one of our recent … Read more

Is Freemasonry A Cult (& Can Christians Pray In Lodge)?

is freemasonry a cult

A common attack by various entities (Christian and non-Christian alike) is that Freemasonry is a cult. Another common attack that some Christian denominations make against Masonry is that Christians cannot pray in Lodge. Cults/Religions and Masonry Cult is synonymous with religion; arguably, the only people who are not cultists are atheists. Anyone who subscribes to … Read more

Do Masons Insult Non-Masons with the Word “Profane”?

profane in freemasonry

We received an interesting question regarding the Masonic use of the term profane; the asker questioned why Masons use it to insult non-Masons. The History of the Term Profane comes to us from the Latin profanus, connoting (both anciently and today) unholiness, vulgarity, irreverence, and so on. This is likely where the asker’s premise of … Read more

Is Speculative Freemasonry Chinese?

is freemasonry chinese

Many people I have talked with say that the idea that the origin of Freemasonry could be Chinese is an outrageous idea. However, I have researched this quintessentially British institution and found that even in Victorian times, several historians, and diplomats who were based in China, also thought that Freemasonry had a Chinese origin. Two … Read more

The Masonic Temple As A Reflection Of The Cosmos

The Masonic Temple and The Cosmos

Traditional societies have considered that the imitation of exemplary models was the best way to endow human activity with a transcendent meaning. In this way, all human behavior had to find an exemplary model previously established by the Divine or by supernatural beings (gods, angels, saints, heroes). Any foundational act, from the enthronement of a … Read more

Why Do Freemasons Carry A Briefcase?

Why Do Freemasons Carry Briefcases?

If you have ever seen Freemasons bustling into or out of a Masonic Lodge or Temple, then you may have noticed that they were carrying briefcases of some sort. Aprons The Lambskin or White Leathern Apron is the badge of a Mason. When the Mason becomes an officer or grand officer, he receives another apron … Read more

Do Freemasons Get Special Treatment?

do freemasons get special treatment

As a man becomes a Mason and remains in good standing, he then has the rights and the benefits that Freemasonry has to offer. Some people (both non-Masons and, unfortunately, Masons) misinterpret this to mean that we are given a free pass on our conduct or that we get more material benefits than society in … Read more