10 Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Freemason

mistakes to avoid as a freemason

In Freemasonry, there are scores (if not hundreds) of cultural customs and points of etiquette that are observed at Masonic functions. In this article, we will be going over a few that seem to be universal. There are also some things that may be frowned upon outside of your Masonic activity. Here are some “mistakes” … Read more

Why Do Masonic Lodges Have Altars?

why do masonic lodges have an altar

Whenever it is explained to non-Masons that Freemasonry is not a religion, there are often a few who point out that Masonic lodges use altars, a fixture that they only ever see in religions. Volumes of Sacred Law In most grand lodge jurisdictions, the most common Volume of Sacred Law that is used is the … Read more

What Are Masonic Penalties? (Symbolic vs Literal)

what are masonic penalties

Masonry gets a lot of guff from outsiders about the penalties which most grand lodge jurisdictions use in their respective rituals. Symbolic Penalties In Masonry are penalties that, as stated above, symbolize just how serious we Masons are about our integrity not only as Masons, but also in every other aspect of our lives (as … Read more

What Is A Masonic Funeral?

what is a masonic funeral

When a Mason lays down his earthly tools to be taken to the Celestial Grand Lodge Above, it may be requested (whether by his final will and testament or by his family) that his lodge provide him with a Masonic funeral. Variances Freemasonry is completely decentralized. As such, each grand lodge has complete autonomy over … Read more

Notable Freemasons: Old Pete Alexander

old pete alexander freemason

St. Paul, Nebraska, is a small town about 20 miles north of Grand Island. The town has its own lodge, St Paul No. 82; the town also has an incredibly famous alumnus, Grover Cleveland Alexander. Youth Alexander was born on 26 February 1887 in Elba, Nebraska. Marriage and Military Draft Just after being traded from … Read more

Masonic Prudence (Masonic Virtues Series)

masonic prudence

In this second article of my series on Masonic virtues, we will be reviewing the importance of the attribute of prudence. This will be yet another look at how Freemasonry makes good men better. Origin and Definition The term comes to us via the Old French prudence via the Latin prudentia, which means “foresight” or … Read more

Can A Convicted Felon Become A Freemason?

Can A Convicted Felon Become A Freemason?

Ever since we’ve published our guide on how to become a Freemason, a common (recurring) question that has been coming up often is: Grand Lodge Jurisdiction Legislation on various matters (including this one) vary from grand lodge jurisdiction to grand lodge jurisdiction. Grand Lodge A might specifically prohibit those convicted with felonies from being initiated … Read more

Notable Freemasons: Benjamin Franklin

benjamin franklin freemason

Benjamin Franklin is one of the more celebrated Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Among other things, he is famous for having discovered electricity, for inventing bifocal glasses, and for assisting in convincing Congress to vote for American Independency. Benjamin’s Franklin Youth Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 17 January 1706 to … Read more

4 Appendant, Concordant, & Affiliate Bodies for Masons

Appendant, Concordant, & Affiliate Bodies for Masons

Participation in Freemasonry is a phenomenal experience. By it, we are encouraged to subdue our passions by keeping them within due bounds. However, interests can vary and extend past what Freemasonry has to offer. What is the solution for this? What is a Mason to do if he wants more out of Masonry? The solutions … Read more

Masonic Authors: Albert Pike (A Brief Biography)

masonic authors albert pike

One of the conspiracy theorists’ favorite whipping boys relative to Masonry is Albert Pike, a well-respected author and famous Mason. Youth Pike was born on 29 December 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was raised as a Christian and attended an Episcopal church. Freemasonry Pike was initiated an Entered Apprentice and passed to the degree of … Read more

Freemasonry, Politics & Religion (What Must Be Known)

is Freemasonry a political force

There are two extremely common ideas that many (if not most) non-Masons hold about Freemasonry: that Freemasonry is a political force, and/or that Freemasonry is a religion. The Nature of Masonry The purpose of Freemasonry is to make good men better; not for one to be better than others, but rather for one to be … Read more

How is the Apron Used in Freemasonry?

masonic aprons used in Freemasonry

Every lodge has a dress code. Some are stricter, requiring a suit or even a tuxedo. However, even the lodge with the laxest dress code still has at least one requirement: a Mason must wear an apron. The History of The Masonic Apron In medieval times, Masons wore leathern aprons to protect their clothing and, … Read more

Masonic Signs, Tokens & Passwords (Explained)

Masonic Signs, Tokens & Passwords

One category of the secrets that we as Freemasons are obligated to keep are our modes of recognition. These were traditionally used to verify whether a stranger from another land was a Mason or not. So what are these modes of recognition for Freemasons? Without revealing them, I will explain the nature of these and … Read more

Masonic Authors: Manly P Hall (A Brief Biography)

manly p hall freemason

As in many subjects, Freemasonry has its fair share of popular authors. One such author is Manly P Hall. Early Life and Publications Hall was born on 18 March 1901 in Peterborough, Ontario. Like many esoteric authors, Hall’s works seem to have been based on a deep research of ancient traditions and attempts to apply … Read more

14 Affiliate Bodies to Freemasonry (By Invitation Only)

masonic affiliate bodies by invitation only

Recently we published some of the more popular concordant/appendant and affiliate bodies for Freemasons to join. If you have already joined one of these, then you may have heard mention of other groups that you might not hear about in your Masonic lodge, groups that may be joined by invitation only. What invitation-only bodies are … Read more

7 Ritual Memorization Tips For Freemasons

Ritual Memorization Tips

Most of the ritual that we perform as Masons is done by memory. I have never heard of any legitimate grand lodge jurisdiction that allows its members to open their ciphered ritual books while in attendance at a tyled meeting. My Experience With The Ritual When I first became a Mason, I received compliments from … Read more

7 Freemasonry Affiliate Bodies For Non-Masons

Freemasonry Affiliate Bodies For Non-Masons

The values that Freemasonry teaches us are immeasurable and invaluable. Though we may try to pass these values on to our spouses and children in our everyday lives, it is simply not the same thing as learning such values as we do. What is the best way to provide such opportunities for our spouses, siblings, … Read more

Masonic Temperance (Masonic Virtues Series)

masonic virtues temperance

We often say that Freemasonry makes good men better. However, we do not always do a good job of explaining how. There are several values and virtues promoted in the Fraternity that serve this purpose and in this article, I will be going over the attribute of Temperance. Origin and Definition The term temperance comes … Read more

St. John the Evangelist (The Patron Saint of Freemasonry)

st john the evangelist

Throughout the year, we celebrate various holidays. It may surprise you to learn that St. John the Evangelist’s day (December 27th) is significant to Freemasons in the United States of America and possibly elsewhere around the world. History of St. John the Evangelist The following is a portion of a brief Biblical history of St. … Read more

Where Do The Rumors About Freemasonry Come From?

where do the rumours about Freemasonry come from

One of the reasons why so much mystery surrounds Freemasonry is because of all the gossip and rumors floating around claiming Freemasonry is some nefarious, malignant force, religious and/or political. Where do these rumors come from? Why is it that Masonry has been and continues to be a convenient scapegoat? The following is a relatively … Read more

How To Join The Freemasons?

how to join the freemasons

Many people wonder how to join the Freemasons, but do not know how to start. I was in the same situation back in 2016. So, how does one become a Freemason? One becomes a Freemason by joining a Masonic lodge. Below we will go over the general requirements and process to accomplish this. Here’s what … Read more

350+ Masonic Phone Wallpapers

masonic wallpapers

Looking for a spanking-new phone wallpaper to proudly represent your Craft wherever you go? Below you will find our collection of 350+ Masonic smartphone wallpapers, which you can download, use and share with others as you see fit. As always, feel free to share, tweet, and pin any image you’d like. Attribution is not necessary, … Read more

Annual Grand Lodge Communications & Grand Lodge Visitations

Annual Grand Lodge Communications

In Masonry, there are lodge events and there are grand lodge events. In the articles that I have written lately for MasonicFind, I have referenced two such events: Annual grand lodge communications and grand lodge visitations. It has occurred to me, however, that not all readers may know what these are. What are annual grand … Read more

The History Between Freemasonry & The Mormon Church (LDS)

Freemasonry & The Mormon Church

Freemasonry and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have an interesting history, albeit relatively brief. Nauvoo, IL, where the Church was headquartered from 1839 until 1846, eventually got its own lodge under the jurisdiction of the new Grand Lodge AF&AM of Illinois, which led to contention within the grand lodge. After the Saints’ … Read more

Who Speaks Authoritatively for Freemasonry?

who is the authority in freemasonry

For almost three hundred years, there have been opinion-pieces, “exposés,” and propaganda regarding Freemasonry. I have always wondered why anyone should lend more credence to these than to the very sources of Freemasonry themselves. The same principles apply to any other entity, whether it be government, a commercial business, a church, or some other non-profit … Read more

The Benefits Of Being A Freemason

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Freemason

A short two hundred years ago, most entertained themselves with social gatherings, games, and (if one was wealthy enough) books and theatre. Today, we live in a world of instant gratification. Whatever you want to do, there is likely a website or a mobile app for it. With credit cards, we make instant purchases and … Read more

Grand Master’s Class or Traditional Degrees?

grand master's class or traditional degrees

As one advances through the degrees of Freemasonry, one must typically prove his proficiency in one degree before being allowed to move on to the next. However, this is not always the case. Some grand lodge jurisdictions will hold what is called a Grand Master’s Class, which is the experience of going through multiple degree … Read more

5 Wrong Reasons To Become A Freemason

wrong reasons to become a freemason

Gossip about Freemasonry abounds, leading many people to have misconceptions about who we are and what we do. Sometimes, this can lead a person to try to join Freemasonry with the wrong intentions. What are some wrong reasons to become a Freemason? Mercenary Motives When one petitions to become a Freemason under the jurisdiction of … Read more

You’re A Master Mason: Now What Do You Do?

what you need to do as a master mason

You are a Master Mason. At the very least, you have turned in your proficiency and you are up to date on your dues; you are a full member of the Fraternity, with all the rights and privileges thereof. So what do you do now? Lodge Ritual The majority (if not all) of your lodge’s … Read more

What Do Masonic Lodge Officers Do?

What Do The Officers Of A Masonic Lodge Do

Every organization is structured in one way or another. Freemasonry is no different. Each grand lodge has codified how it and its subordinate lodges operate and what the duties of the officers thereof are. In this article, I will focus on the lodge itself and answer, what do the officers of a Masonic Lodge do? … Read more