Can a Police Officer Become a Freemason?

The short answer to this question is yes, a police officer can become a freemason.

However, there are some things that you should know before making the decision to join.

In this article, we will discuss the qualifications for membership and what to expect if you decide to become a Freemason (as a police officer).

We will also briefly explore the relationship between law enforcement and the fraternity of Freemasonry.

can police become freemasons

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Can A Police Officer Become A Freemason?

Freemasonry is a fraternity that has been around for centuries and to become a Freemason, there are certain requirements that must be met.

For example, you must be a man over the age of 21 who believes in a Supreme Being.

You also need to have good character and be of good moral standing.

Yes, a police officer can become a Freemason and many Freemasons are in law enforcement, the question now becomes…

Is it Ethical For A Police Officer To Be A Freemason?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on who you ask.

Some people believe that it is not ethical for a police officer to be a Freemason because they see the Freemasons as some sort of a secret society with nefarious intentions.

They worry that the police officer may use their position within the fraternity to gain an advantage over others or to help other Freemasons.

This is not the case, in fact, Freemasons are encouraged not to provide any special favors or preferential treatment to their fellow Brethren so, with that in mind, there is nothing wrong with a police officer being a Freemason.

However, the decision of whether or not it is ethical for a police officer to be a Freemason is one that you will have to make for yourself.

If you are a police officer and you are considering becoming a Freemason, you should speak with your supervisor or another member of the law enforcement community to get their opinion on the matter.

You should also research the Freemasons and decide if their values align with your own.

Only you can decide if becoming a Freemason is the right decision for you.

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Joining The Freemasons

how to become a freemasons

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If you decide that you would like to become a Freemason, there are a few things that you need to do.

First, you need to find a lodge that you would like to join. You can see how here.

You can do this by asking around or by looking online.

Once you have found a lodge, you need to submit a petition for membership.

Your petition will be read at a meeting of the lodge and if it is approved, you will go through a Masonic investigation and when that checks out, you will be invited to become a Freemason.

Becoming a Freemason is a lifelong commitment and one that should not be taken lightly.

Again, if you are considering becoming a Freemason, make sure that you do your research and speak with other members of the law enforcement community to get their opinion on the matter.

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Can You Become A Police Officer If You Are A Freemason?

Yes, you can become a police officer if you are a Freemason. In fact, many Freemasons are in law enforcement.

However, being a Freemason is not a requirement to become a police officer.

Can A Police Officer Be Required To Join The Freemasons?

No, a police officer cannot be required to join the Freemasons. This is never the case and that is not how Freemasonry works.

The Freemasons are a voluntary organization and membership is not required to hold any position, including that of a police officer.

Can A Police Officer Be Fired For Being A Freemason?

No, a police officer cannot be fired for being a Freemason, but you may need to disclose your affiliation (or your intention to join) with your supervisors, just to be sure.

2 thoughts on “Can a Police Officer Become a Freemason?”

  1. Reading this, I am glad to know police officers can join Freemasonry, especially as I was one when I joined 40+ years ago and remained in a division of law enforcement until retiring 18 years ago. Since then, I have observed men who became Law Enforcement employees in several different areas, and I know of no one who has ever used their position in any way, except when they are sponsoring a program for children and ask the brethren of the Lodge for a consideration of labor or monetary donations, which was given happily.

  2. After giving it some thought about the reply I submitted on this question before, it came to my mind that the Fraternity has accepted politicians, and in doing so, it is my belief that ANY profession, IF we accept politicians, and I personally know several brethren that are or were career politicians, then we should certainly accept Police Officers, and we have, AFTER passing the investigation phase. In reference to the politicians, I can honestly say, to the best of my knowledge, their position never came to be used in any meeting, nor did they ever campaign. If pressed on the issue, I would take the word of a Law Enforcement Officer somewhat quicker than a politician. Of course, I admit I have never served and never will in the political field.


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