Who Can Not Be a Freemason?

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that has been around for centuries. It is known for its secrecy, symbols, and rituals.

However, there are certain requirements that one must meet in order to become a member.

While the organization is open to men of all races and religions, there are certain groups of people who are not allowed to join.

In this article, we take a quick, closer look at who can not become a Freemason.

who can not become a Freemasons

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Freemasonry has traditionally been a male-only organization.

However, there are Masonic-related women’s groups that women can join.

These include the Order of the Eastern Star, the Order of the Amaranth, and the White Shrine of Jerusalem and yes, there even is the Order of Women Freemasons, which, unfortunately, is not often recognized.

These groups have their own unique rituals and traditions, but they share many of the same values and principles as Freemasonry.

women still become freemasons
Even though women are not usually accepted into Freemasonry, there are countries & Grand Lodges that also allow women to join. Our interview with a female Freemason explains all. 
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Underage Individuals

To join Freemasonry, one must be at least 18 years of age (the minimum age varies in some jurisdictions, sometimes up to 21).

This is a legal requirement in many countries, as individuals under the age of 18 are considered minors and are not legally able to enter into contracts.

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as if the individual is a “lewis” (son/grandson of a Freemason) or is part of a university scheme.

It is important to note that Freemasonry values the importance of family, and encourages fathers to involve their sons in Masonic activities from a young age.

However, this does not mean that young boys can become members of the organization.

Instead, they can participate in Masonic youth groups such as the Order of DeMolay, which is open to young men between the ages of 12 and 21.


One of the main restrictions on joining Freemasonry is the requirement that members believe in a Supreme Being or a higher power.

As such, atheists are not allowed to become members of the fraternity.

This is because Freemasonry is a spiritual organization that emphasizes the importance of morality and personal growth.

SN: There are some Grand Lodges that now allow for atheistic Freemasonry, but this is a highly rare and also controversial take amongst the global Masonic community.

Individuals with Criminal Records

Individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes may be prohibited from joining Freemasonry.

This is because the fraternity values integrity and upholds a strict moral code, and criminal behavior is not compatible with these values.

However, each jurisdiction has its own rules regarding criminal records, so it is important to check with your local lodge to determine if you are eligible to join.

Individuals with Poor Character

Freemasonry places a strong emphasis on character and personal conduct.

As such, individuals who have a history of dishonesty, immorality, or unethical behavior may be deemed ineligible for membership.

The fraternity values individuals who are honest, trustworthy, and committed to upholding its principles.

It is important to note that these restrictions are in place to maintain the integrity and values of the fraternity.

While they may seem strict, they are necessary to ensure that Freemasonry remains a reputable and respected organization.

freemasonry is not for everyone

Freemasonry is not for everyone…

There are specific requirements that must be met in order to become a Mason.

Those who do not believe in a Supreme Being, atheists, and women (depending on who you ask) are not allowed to become Masons.

Additionally, individuals with criminal records or who have been involved in illegal activities are also not eligible to join.

If you are interested in becoming a Mason, it is important to do your research and understand what is required of you.

It is also important to find a lodge that is a good fit for you and that shares your values and beliefs.

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  1. I do have a question. I did have a rough past. But over the years I have decided to become a better person. Most of my records show that when I was younger I ran in a bad circle. But iv changed. All i want now is to become a Mason. I don’t understand why (now that I have changed)i would be denied. I have a friend who is a Mason. We are actually like brothers. He said for me to get my record wiped clean before I finish up my paperwork. But I want to be totally honest with my future brothers. I don’t want to cover up anything or hide anything from them. I want them to see a change in me and see that im serious about being a Mason. So i guess the question that I have is do i have to wipe my record clean to be a Mason or do i go all in and be honest?

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