Can Women Join Freemasonry? (An Interview With A Female Freemason)

A few weeks ago we published a highly controversial post discussing homosexuality in Freemasonry. We received a ton of comments and we even took a poll on it which you can see the results for yourself here.

Today we’re going to be discussing another controversial topic and that is the role of women in Freemasonry.

Can women become Freemasons?

While traditional Freemasonry does not allow women to become members, there are some Masonic organizations to which women can belong to such as The Order of The Eastern Star and The Order of Women Freemasons.

Down below we also have an exclusive interview we did with a female Freemason.

Please read this article with an open mind and feel free to add any comments (whatever your opinion may be) in the comment section below. Whether or not women should be allowed to take part in Freemasonry is a very heated subject with many debates going on with various mixed opinions.

can women become freemasons

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Is Freemasonry Just For Men?

The reason why most Freemasons are against women entering is one of the basic principles of Freemasonry is that it is a male fraternity.

In fact, it is stated that Freemasonry should be “composed exclusively of men”. The Craft was created to be just for men and women should not be allowed to enter.

However, those in favour of women entering Freemasonry argue that the role of women has changed dramatically over the years.

While in the past women were treated as a property of men, today they have equal rights and their role in society has changed, and therefore there is no reason why they shouldn’t be allowed to join the Craft.

Moreover, some also argue that allowing women to become a part of Freemasonry can be mutually beneficial as they would add their points of view, allowing the Craft and its members to develop in a more wholesome way and also increase the number of members worldwide.

The first time we saw women in Freemasonry was probably in the 1740s in France, when a system was created so that women could also have the opportunity of learning the principles of Freemasonry.

This system is the Lodges of Adoption, which consists of a system parallel to Freemasonry.

Women were still not allowed to participate in Freemasonry, which remained male-only, but the Lodges of Adoption created a similar order with degrees based on the same principles, and which allowed female relatives of Freemasons to take part.

The Order of Women Freemasons

an interview with a female freemason

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In 1908, that which is now called the Order of Women Freemasons was formed in the United Kingdom. In the beginning, the Order of Women Freemasons was very different from what it is today.

At the very beginning, both men and women were allowed to enter this order and in fact it was known by a different name.

Also, it was not acknowledged as regular until 1999, when the relationship between the Order of Women Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of England finally became warmer.

Today, it has expanded to other countries which include Australia and Canada among others and is composed of more than 10,000 members.

Is Co-Masonry An Option?

are women allowed in freemasonry

Co-Masonry is another branch of Freemasonry that allows women.

The difference between Co-Masonry and the Order of Women Freemasons is basically that Co-Masonry is not a women-only order and also allows male members.

However, any man joining Co-Masonry is not allowed to be a part of Freemasonry, so he would have to choose between being a Mason or a member of Co-Masonry.

This organization was also born in France, during the early 1900s.

Like the Order of Women Freemasons, it is also based on the same principles of Freemasonry and holds the purpose of helping its members walk along the path of self-development.

In fact, even the rituals and degrees are similar to Freemasonry, and this is part of the reason why anyone is a Mason cannot also be a Co-Mason.

While many branches of Freemasonry exist which allow women members, no woman has ever become a member of a male-only lodge.

The basic principles of Freemasonry prohibit women from entering the Craft, but some members still argue that women should be allowed since times have changed.

On the other hand, other organizations based on Masonic principles exist which allow female members, so women can still share the knowledge and learn the teachings of Freemasonry.

Our Interview With A Female Freemason

We decided to do this interview with this young Lady (her identity will not be revealed), so you, me and any other individual interested in our Craft can understand this particular branch of Freemasonry (Co-Masonry).

Let’s get into the interview…

Q: Please introduce yourself

I am a 32-year-old female and a member of the Order of Women Freemasons (OWF).

I am currently a student nurse, a wife and mother of three children. I was SD last masonic year but currently a steward whilst finishing my Nursing degree.

Q: What got you interested in Freemasonry and how old were you when joined?

I became a MM in 2012 aged 29.

I was first introduced to Freemasonry after my neighbour (female) briefly spoke of her involvement with OWF and made a suggestion about inviting me to join.

I don’t come from a family of Freemasons so this was a very new concept to me. I had heard about Freemasonry but I never realised women could join.

This intrigued me, especially as I am all for equal opportunities and empowering women.

The women of OWF are very passionate about Freemasonry and equally very protective of the order, that is why you won’t find an awful lot of information about us.

This was just as apparent when I was accepted for an interview, each lady Freemason is true to her word won’t discuss Masonic matters until becoming a member.

I love having a sense of belonging, which is what freemasonry gives you, knowing that you have a role to play and people who depend on you is a wonderful feeling.

As a student nurse, I see a lot of people in society that don’t have anyone, people don’t have family or close friends to help them in times of need especially in old age.

Being a freemason opens you up to a huge network of people who will be there for you in times of need, or to share happy times together in freemasonry we call this “brotherhood”.

I see older members of the order and look on them with true admiration, I know that to them Freemasonry is a huge part of their lives which not just brings them joy but that sense of togetherness we all seek.

I know that when I am older and my social circle becomes smaller, I will always have OWF that will keep me from loneliness and always keep me on the level.

Q: What roles do you think female Masonry plays in Freemasonry in general?

I do believe having women involved with Freemasonry helps keep the interest in Freemasonry going.

Obviously, the male lodges have been going for a long time and seem to do very well with new members, however; times are changing and today’s society is always looking for something new and interesting.

I do find women in freemasonry have an allure that some male lodges don’t have; we are harder to find and more secretive.

I do find that women in freemasonry often have husbands or fathers that are masons and this helps keep that sense of belonging not to mention save marriages, women actually know what “off to lodge” means now.

Q: Do you think female Masonry will continue to grow and is there many young members involved?

I do think maybe we as an order need to open up more in-terms of social media and start to promote us to more younger audiences.

In my Lodge, we have young members which have grown up with freemasonry in the families.

I think there are plenty of people that would join but with the demands placed on women today to work and have families later in life, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

As an order we do have lots of lodges over the world and continue to gain new members, I think we will definitely continue to grow.

Q: Does being a member affect you in a positive/negative way in the world? If so, how?

I don’t think being a female in freemasonry has the same level of respect that men get, mainly because we don’t have as many members.

As more women are taking on more responsibility in the workplace and gaining managerial roles this may change the way people view women in freemasonry.

However, until we are accepted fully I think we have a long way to go before the world recognizes us properly as freemasons.

One thing I was warned about when joining was to be vigilant when around male freemasons as a lot of men do not like women in freemasonry.

It’s not that they don’t like women, it’s that they don’t like the idea of women being apart of something that has always been male.

I shrugged this off and felt that I would be as open as they are and wear my masonic ring with pride, however; my first-ever meeting outside of the lodge with a male freemason didn’t go very well.

He introduced himself as a Freemason and so did I, this did not go very well as he immediately told me what he thought were home truths.

This encounter frightened me just like many other ladies have mentioned and is often the reason we remain quite low key.

Thankfully the rest of the British male lodges have been amazing and very welcoming with just the odd few older more traditional members that don’t agree with women as members. This does not bother me so much but I would like to see more acceptance.

The main problems I have encountered are from lodges in America, they have never heard of OWF and completely reject the idea of women being apart of it. I’m sure in time this may change as with most things.

are women allowed in freemasonry

Q: Do you think Freemasonry will stand the test of time when there are so many distractions out there?

I think freemasonry will always keep going as long as it adapts to the ever-changing society.

It’s important to remain traditional but adapts to how that tradition is delivered.

Some use the power of social media to communicate whereas before it may have been by handwritten letters, the content is the same but the delivery is adapted.

The most important thing is to ensure the actual meeting of members is done in person and that virtual lodges don’t become the future.

I say this as I often see male members from all over the world discussing masonic matters virtually, this is a great way of meeting new members, etc but the allure of freemasonry is lost with such openness.

One thing I have seen which is interesting is the university scheme where a lodge is attached to universities and gaining membership this way. OWF does not have this but the male lodges do, I think this is a great idea and one that will stimulate lots of interest from competitive students.

Q: With so many maternal organizations, including Eastern Star, why create a subset of Freemasonry?

I can not answer this question as OWF was created way before I was born, however; I can say that OWF is not a branch of Freemasonry just for wives, daughters or mothers it is an order of women freemasons.

facts 2


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54 thoughts on “Can Women Join Freemasonry? (An Interview With A Female Freemason)”

  1. As an advisor of a DeMolay chapter, I feel that there are examples of where women being advisors and even League Administrators is a huge mistake. Can a woman teach manhood? What does manhood mean today? It seems that women want a passive man if they want a man at all, the church wants a tame man, the university wants a domesticated man, while the corporate world wants a sanitized, shallow man. I feel that within our fraternity, we still believe in a strong, free thinking man. That being at least my belief, can a woman be a brother? I don’t think so. Yet many more questions rather than answers fill my mind on this topic.

    • I couldn’t agree with CJ better. women cannot simply understand what it takes to be manly and therefore wouldn’t be able to teach such principles. again I think there is a lot more complexities in a society with men and women. my candid opinion.

    • Hi, im from Mexico, i get to this site by seeking information for my solstice toast, can’t help myself when saw the link. you see, i’m a woman, and i certainly agree with you guys, i’m not looking to be more manly and heaven only knows i wouldn’t love a passive man (hahaha), im just seeking to find myself evolving through the path of morals and value, im looking to be more human. I accept we, as a gender, are different, that’s why im in accordance to the fact that we can’t work together but our differences doesn’t make me less valuable, so that’s why i have the right to knock on the door, just as you once did. I like to think we can work with our own different energies in our own different way but i should differ in you guys in the acceptance, i can accept you as brothers just as i wish you can accept me as a sister (not precisely as an eastern star, no offense intended to those women). How can you say you are a free thinker if you oppress your duality companion by a rule that was written even before human independence was conceived as a whole.
      *we are different, but we are the same*

    • Too many just simply assume that women are excluded from regular Freemasonry for the wrong reasons. However, I should remind you that an all-male organization, whether it is Freemasonry or some other organization, is not inherently a bad thing. There are many benefits of belonging to an all-male fraternity, that would be lost forever if it were open to women. Can we not have one place, just one place, where men can go to be together with other men. Or, is every all-male organization to be sought out and systematically stamped out? Once that is gone, it is gone forever. Once the camel’s nose is under the tent, you will soon have the whole camel in the tent with you, and there will be no going back. Know that you have played a part in that.

    • I’ve been a mason for many years. I always wondered about why women were treated like they belonged in the kitchen. In all my years as a Mason, I’ve never noticed anything that we did that would only be for men. As a Police Officer for 29 years we were introduced to female partners. Major panic. Turns out most of them did a better job then our male partners.

      Side note: I wrote a book that should be out this coming February. Has nothing to do with Freemasons. However, in my spiritual encounters with the Lord, my last one was a statement by Jesus. I still don’t understand the meaning. “Seek the help of FreeMasons” I met Jesus 4 times now and this was what he said at the 4th encounter. You would have to read my book called DIVINE INTERVENTION WHY ME to understand where I am coming from. Didn’t mean to change the subject, but how strange it is that I just received the Lords message and I just got your email.

    • Brother Esposito:

      I find it curious that in your experience – in your lodge, apparently – you “treat the women like they belong in the kitchen.” I would ask, “Why do you do that?” Especially, if you find it offensive. Why do you do that?

      My lodges (and I belong to several) do not “treat the women like they belong in the kitchen.” Our wives look forward to the one night when they can get together with their girlfriends and have dinner together, share stories about their families and catch up with each other.

      You also state that in your years as a Mason you have “never noticed anything that we did that would only be for men.” How odd! Do you belong to a lodge of co-Masons, with women members? Do you permit your wives to attend your degree conferrals and stated meetings of the lodge?

      How very odd that in all your years as a Mason, you have never attended a meeting or a formal lodge dinner that was “only for men.”

      I must confess, your brand of Freemasonry is not MY brand of Freemasonry. In fact, I suspect you are an irregular Mason.

    • Freemasonry was direct response to the politics and religionists oppressed in science mathematics rhetoric biology astrology. Freemason she was never about sex it’s always has been and it was has been routed in ideology of thinkers and inventor. Freemasonry always have been the innovators and thinkers. Freemason was given to all nationalities are freemasons but it should be about gender. Afro-American freemasons was started because they were not allowed to think as slaves they was not allowed to be free in the mind. They was not allowed to express any knowledge because that how slavery was America suppressed people that’s how the ideology of the system is working at the time so there ideas was stolen. Oh yes we as humans still have much to learn. Freemasonry is not about religion, it’s not about color, it’s not about it’s not about faith it’s not about anything but wanting to do with his show every man and women what knowledge we have found in work we can cooperate and work together for a common goal to help all man kind or woman kind. Freemasonry wont’s to seek knowledge to illumination all man kind and women kind. This is what illuminate means to to shine light on something to to to give something new meaning to understand something and we have as Freemason have step back from the teaching when we say that women cannot be freemasons. Let’s face it that woman why does our best thinkers just we are good thinkers we need to step back and take the archaic thought pattern away.
      From our thinking we shape and mold the world so start thinking about what she has to bring to the table. I’d would look past color, sex and religion. It’s about what we think but we have a commonality to we don’t talk about politics because politics is mucky or because religion is mucky. The commonality of Freemasonry is beings humans first with a curiosity to figure out the unknown. Evidently in the USA today the 45 suppressing certain religion oppressing science, mathematics, rhetoric, biology, astrology and this is a repeat to when we first started.

    • Yes, well this is a touchy subject isn’t it. Well let me start by saying I am not against woman being paid the same as men for doing the same job,in fact if they can do the job better than the man/men then by all means reward them suitably. however,having said that I know of many occasions in my own field of engineering/electrical etc that there have been female apprentices taken on where they have failed miserably mostly due to the physical restraints I may say, though some of them have been excellent as well. My friends also tell me when they have brought women onto a building site the morale of the men goes down due to many things getting discussed in the tea/coffee brakes etc, swearing on site seems to be just the way guys are on these sites. this can be true in other environments as well I have worked in various positions where woman are the dominating worker and do not have a problem with working under a woman boss.
      Now, the big question, I have been a Master Mason for 40 years also I am in the Royal Arch and I value dearly the doctrines of free masonry,my thoughts are what would happen in a first degree when you approach the candidate to check a naked left breast with a sharp point, there would be an uproar and a possibility of a sexual complaint laid at the lodges doorstep or individual even and that is just the start of it they would want us to start changing the whole setup of masonry in particular which is not what i would want.
      So for me I would not wish women to be able to join a men only lodge. this is just my opinion.
      Brother Paul Davidson 1422 Scotland.

    • I am a woman that agrees with Gary but being that my husband cheated after having back surgery, and while I was an investigator I have primarily been working male jobs, I was left raising 3 sons. They have said I was both a mom and a dad, I fix my own cars, mow, many others but dress up, like being a woman and treated like a woman. A woman can not in a sense be a brother but can be a sister, but that is a difference not printed in tradition. I love tradition.

  2. Shouldn’t we balance the “whole”? Those principles mentioned above would also be categorised for a women freemason too. I
    n fact the female energy has been out of balance for way to long. Bringing them into balance is a start. A good thing for the craft?!
    Just my thoughts….

  3. My personal thoughts are this should be men only, since the beginning women have been our pitfall this is the place to man good men better and because of our weakness to them and in order for us to continue to grow and evolve as men we must stubble along as men so we continue learn more hence women as partners not property. This is how we increase our knowledge, women have their own thoughts of what a man should be and we know what that leads to history paints a vivid picture, now man can be very crude and hardly ever fully opens his heart, but in our faternity more later than sooner man’s heart will soften and for those whose won’t it wouldn’t matter if women were there or not an in most cases it would cause a split at least as men we will most likely work through the split if married it will become a house divided.

  4. I’ve read some on this subject,& observed different fraternities that have allowed women in. The Grand Lodge that governs my jurisdiction & my obligation says “no”, and I have really not questioned it.
    Most Co-Masonry is in the European, UK & France, I think, also in the USA in the eastern portions.
    What I have found through my own observations & conversations with other brothers,if there’s ladies present, the brethren seem to be inhibited by their presence. They can’t do “private- manly things”…can’t really “joke around” or let down their guards and “speak freely” among themselves. It’ sad, but sometimes, having the ladies around, tends to: not “allow us to be ourselves”. We have to “behave”. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s just that, that feeling of fraternity that we share…is a little “lost”.
    There’s another major fraternity that we all know, that allowed ladies in, after many years of being a “man’s only” club. Within the 1st year, they lost over 50% of their membership because of the increase of the “female aggressiveness” towards the male members…and this was from the married ones…
    “nuff said, just “observational comments”.

  5. Personally I think male Lodges should remain male only as they exist today. That said, I would be very interested in seeing all female Lodges being formed. And I believe the numbers of interested ladies would support the formation of many of those Lodges. I think it would be a great boost to the Fraternity to visit each other’s Lodges, and we all know we could certainly use a boost.

    • I agree with Bro Bob’s assessment and recommendation. As a mom of 4 boys who have received invitations to join the Masonic youth programs in the US, I did not allow them to join because of the lack of information on the purpose of the organization. The “secret handshakes” need not be revealed, but it is necessary for a parent to know the goal & mission of an organization. My 3 oldest boys have earned their Eagle Scout awards in Boy Scouts, and it would be nice to have a place where they could continue learning to be better men and community leaders after they age out of the program. Initially, I was disappointed that girls were allowed in Boy Scouts. However, by having a male-only and female-only grouping, the principles of leadership can be shared without changing the dynamics of the group. It was a blessing for families with sons & daughters to teach the same principles tailored to each gender. In most cases, it brought the families closer.

      Also, I’d love a place to meet other women community leaders where we could continue to learn to be better women in all aspects of our lives. If the belief is that women cannot teach a man to be a better man, then a man cannot teach a woman how to be a better woman, only a woman with more knowledge & experience can. As the old saying goes – “Iron sharpens iron.”

  6. The essence of Freemasonry is Solomon’s temple and its’ environs. It’s impossible to associate women with this basically male setting.

  7. Brothers, I thought we’re supposed to be “Open-Minded. The world is not “The Old Boys” club any more. I see no problem with this topic. Don’t we all have to have the same values, beliefs,etc. male or female.
    Plus they are many women out there very successful who can bring values and not to mention the added factor of increased members.
    Just my own thoughts, there is no right or wrong .
    Bro.William Hunter

  8. In Le Droit Humain, our Freemasons, male and female do not teach of manhood, but rather personhood. We are not initiated into the dogma of misogyny or feminism, but rather the light of self-realization and social improvement. Women cannot become male only Freemasons, but Freemasons they can become nevertheless.

  9. My mother is a Mason. She joined her lodge in 1971. When I go in to the chair of my lodge in two years time I will be wearing my mums Masters Apron. I will wear it with real pride. Neither of us belong to co-masonry.

    The comments about manhood in the replies I do not understand. Freemasonry has nothing to with teaching manhood. I was a man long before joining Freemasonry. It teaches a strong moral code to make us better people. This is an aim men and women can strive toward.


    • Wow that’s very interesting Richard. I would love to chat some more about this with you and get the whole story. Feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss.

      Many thanks for your input.

    • I too am a Master Mason. My Lodge, east coast USA, is women only. We become masons for the same personal objectives as do men. Ours is a women only obedience (AASR) and we want it that way. I agree, there is freedom of voice, opinion, and experience within the confines of a single gender environment.. I don’t want to be a part of your meetings but I most certainly want the benefits of standing square. We are better women!


    • Very well informed Roy Kelly. I too agree that modern Freemasonry came from ancient teachings / mystic schools which hold the foundation of english masonry as well as all other masonic bodies worldwide, the reason for male only membership is simply Operative masons were Male and not female so when masonry became symbolically speculative this reason remained. But the human race as never been stagnant always ever advancing not with “Males” only influence but by “Female” influence as well. The sad reality among masonic organization worldwide is not recognizing other grand lodges outside their own Grand lodge. Lodges with female members are not seen as another brother but equivalently/equally as a sister… this is an old post but i totally agree with your comment roy kelly. Hailing from the Caribbean Bros

  11. Greetings Brothers, i recently met a lady that work out of an office space from the company i work. we met in the parking through the masonic sign on our cars where i approached her asking if her husband is a mason, surprisingly she said no but i am. i was shocked because it was the first time i was hearing of women masons. she went on saying that she was the WM and they have being around for awhile. i suddenly felt as something was lost. my opinion is the eastern star is a perfect order for our other half, mason should be left to men.

    • Good point and thank you for sharing. We’re working on interviewing a female freemason for this site so be sure to check back in for updates.

      Again, thanks for sharing.

  12. I am an author and wrote several books published in various languages around the world. I am a member of an American Grand Lodge but have been initiated in France.
    I have been a member of lodges initiating men and women, other lodges with just men.
    There is no problem to have women in Freemasonry. How it is possible even to think that such initiation could be a problem?!…
    If you want to continue to follow rules from the 16th or 17th centuries you have to choose carefully… and stop also to initiate people who have a problem walking or a problem to speak clearly (no lame and stammerer). So if we don’t care about that today, why asking about women?…
    Co-Masonry such as Eastern Star or Daughters of the Nile. Is not real Freemasonry. This is something different. Thinking that women have already that and don’t need Freemasonry is very condescending…
    Maybe it is time to look how Freemasonry in Europe works. On this point several countries such as the United States have something to learn.
    However the idea of Male Lodge is highly respectable. The stupidity is to try to find justification for not initiating women. There is none. The only acceptable reason to have a Masonic Lodge restricted to men, is just because few men want to meet with just men. As I said this is understandable and reasonable. So just say it and everyone will be happy.
    I really hope that the United States will evolve on this concept, but I really doubt that the Grand Lodges as they are today understand anything about that… As usual new ideas from outside Masonic Politics will bring a new light that will be useful for everyone.

    • Dear Brother,

      I totaly agree on your perspective, as a matter of fact there should be some work done in changing and innovating those obsolete and antiquated ideas of centuries ago. Recieve a fraternal embrace (please forgive my grammar if any mistakes have been made, English is not my mother tongue).



  13. That women’s participation in the construction humanity is a wonderful thing and I hope that women are men to work together in a row because that women are an important part in the community where they will help us in the process of human development and construction of the house to work

  14. Yes, Brethren in Freemasonry where about enlightenment of the soul and mind. So how can we call ourselves enlighten if where not willing to to accept duality of our seven liberal arts. There can’t be a man with out a women and a women without a man. As a unit we are better then seperated. As the Sage Albert Pike wrote on pg. 52 in Morals and Dogma paragraph 1 sentence 3 quote ( What is untrue today may become true in another generation, and the truth of to-day be reversed by the judgement of to-morrow.).

  15. If memory serves me correctly, in the Third, it was pretty clear that it is forbidden. Another point, if we allowed women as Masons in our lodges, then how could we continue to call ourselves a “Fraternity”? My understanding of the “brotherhood” (there is that male only connotation again!) tells me that were women to be allowed as Masons, it would fundamentally change many of the operating precepts currently understood by the brothers. We are already seeing numbers decline as more age and pass to be with the Supreme Architect and fewer submit a petition as the younger generations are not interested in joining much of anything. Allow this and I feel a significant number would turn their back on the fraternity as if they had been betrayed. I can see merit in inclusion in most any other instance (I sailed with women on two carriers before I retired from the Navy and enjoyed their work and perspectives), just not this instance.

  16. This is a very good topic, when I first joined I didn’t think women should be Freemasons but, as I started reading more I do have a change of mind. First , the O.E.S. was formed to give their wife’s something to do that’s en it is strongly based on Christianity, secondly how did ISIS become a High Priestess if she didn’t know the mysteries, I think it was Pythagoras who we as Masons all ways recite let women into his school of mystery , so we don’t have to let them into are Lodge’s but, we should start recognizing them & there Lodge’s. In Mexico they had female Masons & the Scottish mechanics rite of Freemasonry they lodges are men & women. This is something that needs to be discussed, thank you Brother’s

  17. As much as boys need strong moral man to look up to. So does young men need older man to look up to. Their is always a need for times of men to be with men and vise a versa. Being a Free Mason is not about being political correct, but about making man a better man. I want to learn from my older peers, I want to sit back after a lodge meeting and enjoy and learn from their wisdom. If women want their own fraternity go start one.

  18. I can appreciate why women would want to be freemasons.The moral and ethical teachings in freemasonry and it’s overall philosophy were the reasons I wanted to get involved with the craft.However, I am an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason and as that I would never accept a women in my lodge.There are many organizations like the eastern star were women can be involved in masonry.

  19. I agree Freemasons should remain male. My father was a Freemason, and I wanted to become Eastern Star but did not before he passed. Can you tell me how to join Eastern Star now?

    • To join an O.E.S. Chapter, you would need to complete a petition, submit the processing fee, and have the petition signed by two members of the Chapter you wish to join. Since your father was a Freemason, you are eligible to petition. All female relatives of Master Masons and Master Masons are eligible for membership. You will need to add your father’s name and Lodge information on your petition. If he was a member in good standing at the time of his passing, your affiliation would be accepted. Majority members of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls and International Order of Jobs Daughters are also eligible to petition for membership. If you do not know a Member of the Chapter you wish to join, the Chapter representative should be able to let you know when there are public events that you can attend to meet members. Most Grand Chapters have Web sites with information about subordinate Chapters and membership information for their jurisdictions.

  20. It is written that the architect created MAN (male and female he created them).It is also said, open your eyes and look within.ears to hear ,eyes to see .so mote it be

  21. Would not wait to understand how the craft is leveled as for only men. Is there a lodge in south sudan? What does it take to be a mason? looking for answers!

  22. I read carefully all the comments above and my wife has entered a female lodge 15 years ago. I myself am a freemason since Feb, 1981 and have had the chance to visit a mixed lodge in the past. Because I had many friends in there, both men and women, I was regularly informed about the problems that eventually arose in that lodge, so I made up my mind: women and men may be accepted as masons, but in separate lodges solely for women or men. Mixed lodges proved to be a trap for those who intend to have a free mind, with no prejudice and no chance to have their behavior distorted by sex appeal (here were found most of the problems). Besides, when men and women gather together, they seem to lose their common touch and their behavior becomes less natural.
    So, women and men should belong only to lodges of their sex. What about the 3rd and 4th sex? Well, I am still thinking about this side of the problem. Nothing came up to my mind yet. Help accepted.

  23. I belong to a very traditional lodge. We wear formal dress at meetings, and follow them with a traditional festive board dinner for members only. We have never held an “open installation” of officers, but prefer to hold tiled installations for Masons only. We enjoy the fraternal atmosphere and fellowship of our meetings and dinners. On the other hand, I have attended meetings of other lodges where women seem to always be present for everything, other than the tiled meetings. I have also attended meetings of mixed organizations where both men and women are members and officers. The differences between these two types of organizations and their meetings are huge and complex. I prefer my all-male lodge, and I have to say, my wife prefers that I belong to an all-male lodge, and not a mixed organization.

  24. In this article, it states that the Order of Women Freemasons “was not acknowledged as regular until 1999, when the relationship between the Order of Women Freemasonry and the Grand Lodge of England finally became warmer.” This statement is incorrect, as it indicates that the United Grand Lodge of England acknowledged the regularity of the Order of Women Freemasons. The U.G.L.E. has never acknowledged the regularity of any Masonic order or grand lodge that admits women to membership. In fact, the website for the U.G.L.E. lists all the Masonic grand lodges that it considers “regular.” You can read it for yourself.

  25. I can appreciate that some men benefit from a male only environment. I can clearly hear it is comforting for you and provides some with an environment that is clearly beneficial for personal growth. It is the same with boys and all male education. The distraction of females can be problematic and make them feel they need to adjust their behaviour. There are benefits to having a male only or female only space…. For some. But I do not see the same issues for women necessarily nor for girls. I think women benefit from the fellowship of men and we appreciate union. I also think this was our origin and it is what is sadly missing from the planet. Times have changed, roles have shifted and unity is greatly needed Based on a good portion of these comments there are some brothers in the fraternity who would appreciate and benefit from having sisters there too and see no objection. So my question becomes….. Why must this problem be dualistic rather than pluralistic ?. If Masonry doesn’t evolve it runs a very real risk of dying out . Literally. Memberships are , I believe dropping. . And in this current social climate there is a perception problem of Masonry . Conspiracy theories and fake news abound in this generation. Freemasonry may be esteemed from within but newsflash… It isn’t feom the outside. Populations are sceptical and suspicious of institutions in general. Surely there is room for diversity. Some male lodges, some female lodges, some mixed lodges, some ultra traditional, some more progressive yet rooted in tradition, but ALL recognised. I am a women, descended from several Grand Master masons and I feel a calling to Masonry it is in my blood and heart . I am forty five and the time is nigh. There is a reason for why the time is ripe for me to enter. I have much to learn AND contribute. Inclusivity , equality and diversity. are values humanity must embrace. Surely Freemasons have a part to play in that and leading us all to a better future and I implore you to do so lest this noble craft be lost entirely and humanity fare worse than it is. Who’s to say that the next century won’t bring that likelihood into reality ?. Adapt or die is not just a cliché, history has shown this to be a reality.

  26. During the late 1960s, I belonged to an all-male Explorer Scout Post, which in those days was a Scouting organization for older boys, 14-21. Since the early 1950s, there had been over a dozen of these Explorer Posts in the city where I was a member. Each had its own traditions. We competed with each other and enjoyed the traditions and rivalries. However, about 1970, the national organization of the Boy Scouts decided that they would “open up” Explorer Scouting for boys AND girls, on an optional, Post by Post, basis. Each Post could decide for itself. Soon, two or three Posts in our city decided to “go co-ed,” then another, and another. As each of these Posts went co-ed, they would last about another three years, and then the boys would start dropping out. Soon, each of these Posts became all female, and soon after that, each Post died and surrendered its charter. My Post never admitted girls. Our Post remained true to the traditions of the past, and soon found itself to be the only Explorer Post remaining in the city. My observation is that the girls did not join out of an interest in Explorer Scouting. They joined out of an interest in boys. When the boys quit, the girls shut it down. Why do women do this? Why is it that it is always the all-male organizations that the women want to join? Why can’t they go have their own successful organizations? Is it just not in their make-up? There is one kind of bird that never builds its own nest. Instead, it steals the nests of other industrious birds. (It is called the “cuckoo.”) Have you ever heard of an all-female organization that the men wanted to “break into”? No, of course not. Figure it out for yourselves.

  27. Hello, my name is Angela and I love a Mason. To give you my five cents worth…I am proud of the fact that he is a Mason and I am trying to learn all I can about Free Masons in order to support him in his endeavours. In my search I have come across some wonderful masonic poetry, like the creed. It moves me and I feel that I too should live accordingly to it. As a woman I have no interest in joining a masonic lodge or order. I am content to let my man have his Rite all to himself and to merely support him in his endeavour. On another note: Just because women are excluded in the order of Free Masons does not automatically equate with them considering women lesser beings. Women are simply separate and as we are apt to say these days different but equal. We women don’t on the whole worry about integration of gender in the orders.

  28. Fraternal Greetings,

    Great topic and debate. After reading everyone`s feedback thus far, there were some really good points of view from both perspectives, and while I can see both sides of the coin, I personally enjoy going to the Lodge and getting to spend quality time with my brothers. I also think that with the historic tradition Freemasonry has had/enjoyed, it is better off staying that way, so as not to change the original traditions that Freemasonry was founded and built upon. With all the other orders that women can join, such as co-masonry, etc… There really is no need to make such a drastic change in our Lodges. It would probably result in a lot of disharmony from the natural order that Freemason`s have been accustomed to. And in all likelihood, many of the brothers enjoy things just the way they are, and that was probably part of the reason that attracted them to originally join in the first place.

    I asked my wife her opinion on this, and she totally agreed. Even though she has a huge interest in Freemasonry, she also thinks it would ruin the original tradition of men only. She enjoys coming to the festive when our wives are invited, and it gives her a chance to meet and bond with other women who are married to Freemasons.
    She is personally happy with that, and there is always the opportunity for her to join other orders. So all in all, my opinion is it`s probably in the best interest of our Lodges to stick with the original tradition. And, when a candidate is petitioning, they are asked if their spouse is in agreement with everything, and the spouse/partner is generally met with beforehand, so as to not cause any possible conflicts if the candidate is successful in the ballot, and they become a member, thus everything remains harmonious. S. & F.

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