No, Freemasons aren’t the same as the Illuminati.

People often associate Freemasonry with Illuminati due to their secretive world, but in reality, the roots and rituals of this society are utterly different than Illuminati.

Freemasonry has its roots in medieval trade guilds. Unfortunately, due to the secret nature of this society, its reputation has not always been positive.


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They have lodges, secret handshakes, specific beliefs, social associations, code words and symbols that make a common person think this society is a part of a great game plan to tumble the world.

In reality;

Freemasonry Isn’t as Secretive as One May Think

are the freemasons the same as the illuminati

Though it still keeps its rituals secret, today we know what actually goes behind the closed doors. Everything has been revealed.

In fact, as far as we know, the members of this society have ruled the big offices as well. For example, according to the Business Insider report, 15 U.S. presidents have been Freemasons, including George Washington.

This doesn’t mean at all Freemasons are attempting to dominate the world. In fact, they are one of the biggest charitable donors.’

Just in the UK alone, they have raised £33 million last years. And, these funds were raised by only 180 Masonic groups.

On the other hand, Illuminati is a name of a group that claims to possess special enlightenment. Historians state that this group came into being on May 1st, 1776.

This group was originally founded by Adam Weishaupt, who was an anti-clerical professor.  The main aim behind Illuminati was to overthrow the status quo and prevent church’s intolerance and bigotry.

Within a few years, this group of like-minded people became so popular and turned into thousands. However, experts believe that the early age growth of Illuminati was due to the support of Freemasonry and some European countries. They got recruitment from the Freemason lodges on a grand scale.

This is perhaps the only thing that connects Freemasonry with Illuminati in the pages of history. Otherwise, the aims and the rituals of both groups are utterly different.

These days, the modern Illuminati is linked with the ‘New World Order’ too.

The main idea behind this concept was to rule the world under the same law.

Though it wasn’t so popular in the 1990s, the technological advancement and the internet gave conspiracy theorists a platform to present and expose their beliefs to a massive audience.

Unfortunately, due to the secret nature of Illuminate too, some people assume Freemasonry supports the New World Order, but in actuality, Freemasons don’t have any connection with these concepts.

Their lodges are focused more on;

Brotherly Love and Fraternity

what makes freemasons different
What Makes Freemasonry Different Than Societies?

Freemasonry also has a degree system, which you can’t find in Illuminati, such as Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason.

On the other hand, Illuminati also has rank but they call it hierarchies like Novice, Minerval, and Illuminated Minerval.

Unlike Freemasons, Illuminati is closer to a revolution in its ideas and belief systems. They sought to infiltrate and upset powerful institutions to expand their ideas and rule the world.

But the real question is, are they successful in controlling the world?

Most experts believe that they are successful. Even if someone thinks they aren’t controlling the world openly, they are at least influential and changing the opinions of the world leaders through business deals, trade, and all-powerful groups.

Interestingly, believe it or not, the intentions of Illuminati are quite clear but it is still less feared than the Freemasons. This is probably because of a few reasons.

First, the lodges prohibit Freemasons to use their membership for personal or professional advantages. It is also not allowed for them to reveal the status of their rank in the society or talk about it with a common person.

Second, they have acquired big, government offices in past.

Therefore, there is a sense of fear in society that their super secrecy and silent domination is a sign of controlling the world. But when we delve deeper into this society, it is all about social networking and supporting their members.

Yes, there are some secret codes and handshakes, but they are all about recognizing the ranks in the lodges.

If you still have concerns in mind, you can indeed join Freemasonry too. Its membership fee falls in the $150-300 range in many jurisdictions.

It is the best way to find out how this society works.

You can indeed find on your own that they don’t have any connection with Illuminati and they don’t have secret agenda to displace pope or put certain despots on the crown.

Even the members of Illuminati state that their organization doesn’t have any secret agenda.

Though their members are part of the government and universities, their aim is to promote a scientific, secular and enlightened view of the world.

On the whole, Illuminati is perhaps attempting to introduce their exclusive views in the world, and it is not proven yet.

But when it comes to Freemasonry, they don’t have any interest in changing the face or moving the lever of the world.




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