The beliefs of Freemasons seem somewhat vague to most people, and very often people wonder;

Who do Freemasons believe in?

While Freemasonry is a society with secrets, who they worship has never been a secret and reflects their values and principles.

In fact, Freemasonry values freedom of thought, and for this reason, there is no particular religion a man must follow to become a Freemason.

Everyone is free to worship the God he believes in and to practice his beliefs.

In addition to this, the book of Constitution claims that Freemasons must “leave their particular opinions to themselves” with regards to religion (and politics) and are not compelled to alter their beliefs.

This reflects the tolerance of Freemasonry and also is proof that Freemasonry is not a religion in itself.

It does not dictate which God members of the fraternity must believe in.

who do freemasons believe in

So Who Do Freemasons REALLY Believe In?

In order to join the fraternity, one must believe in the existence of a Supreme Being.

This simply means that one must believe there is something beyond this material world, whether it be God or an unknown force. One must believe there is a hidden answer to existence.

This means that no matter which religion one follows one can still become a Freemason since all religions are based on the assumption that there is something greater than us, the Grand Architect of it all.

People who do not actually follow any religion can still join Freemasonry if they believe there is an omnipresent entity, which Freemasons call the Great Architect of the Universe.

Even if one is not sure what they believe this supreme presence is they can still become Freemasons, so following a religion is not necessary.

who do the freemasons believe in
The Infamous All-Seeing Eye Symbol

Why The Need For A Supreme Being?

There has been much debate about this question. If one looks at the core of Freemasonry one can see that part of the answer lies there.

The Supreme Being symbolizes someone or something that we are accountable to.

Since Freemasonry teaches just conduct, honesty and integrity, believing in a Supreme Being gives these teachings more meaning because we are never out of sight of the Great Architect so we must always be honest and follow the teachings of Freemasonry.

Since Freemasonry is illustrated by symbols, taking a look at some of the symbols of the fraternity will show the great influence of the Supreme Being on Freemasonry’s teachings.

The all-seeing eye, for example, is a symbol which represents the Supreme Being and reminds Freemasons to always follow just principles, being true to others and valuing love and brotherhood because we are always under the watchful eye of the Great Architect.

Final Verdict

Freemasons believe in a Supreme Being, an omnipresent entity symbolized by the all-seeing eye.

This Supreme Being can be whoever or whatever each Freemason wants it to be since Freemasonry does not dictate which religion one must follow to become a member of the fraternity; one must only believe in a greater presence.

Believing in a Supreme Being gives a deeper meaning to the values of Freemasonry, reminding them to follow the path of right since every deed is being carefully watched.

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