15 US Presidents Who Were Freemasons (The Complete List)

us presidents who were freemasons

Freemasons are a minority in just about every demographic. That said, there are the occasional few who reach the point of celebrity. In the case of American Presidents who were also Freemasons, they (thus far) make up about one-third. So which American Presidents have been Freemasons? George Washington George Washington served as Commanding General of … Read more

Should Homosexuality Be Accepted In Freemasonry?

homosexuality in freemasonry

Brethren, today we’re discussing a very controversial topic that I know many people have strong views against/for. You are encouraged to add your views in the comment section (for or against) but please; let’s keep it civil. Today we are discussing; homosexuality in Freemasonry, more specifically: Can you be an openly gay man, and a … Read more

Can Freemasonry Make You Rich?

can freemasonry make you rich

For some odd reason, Freemasonry is always associated with suspicious-looking older men with an aura of arrogance, money, and power. This is a very wrong assumption of Freemasonry – and the 5,000,000+ Freemasons worldwide. From my experience being a Master Mason myself for nearly 10 years, I can tell you the general perception of the … Read more

8 Masonic Conspiracy Theories & Myths Busted With The Truth

masonic conspiracy theories

Perhaps no other organization or fraternity has been subjected to conspiracy theories and myths as is the case with Freemasonry. Anti-Masonry activists have been instrumental in waging a centuries-old war against Freemasonry and have used every trick and tool available in the arsenal of a propagandist for this purpose. Myths can seize human imagination, and … Read more

Brethren Freemasons: The Future of Freemasonry Is Now

brethren freemasons: the future of freemasonry

Brethren and fellows, we are in a critical time for Freemasonry. Our craft needs us now more than ever. As our lodges and members age, it is imperative that we as modern masons do something to create that spark that once made our craft so appealing to the men of our respective countries. There are … Read more

What Is The All Seeing Eye Meaning In Freemasonry?

the all seeing eye and freemasonry

The mysterious All-Seeing Eye. Where does it come from, and why do we see it everywhere? Also, how and why is such the All-Seeing Eye so closely connected with Freemasonry? A Brief History of the All-Seeing Eye The All-Seeing Eye was derived from Egyptian scriptures. It is commonly referred to as the Eye Of Horus. Horus, … Read more

The Modern Freemasons: Who Are They?

the modern freemasons

Freemasonry is definitely one of the oldest existing organizations in the world. Its organized rituals have been around since pre-Medieval times. But how did Freemasonry survive so long and who are the modern-day Freemasons keeping it alive? Rather than how it survived, we should ask why it has survived. In fact, Freemasonry not only has survived, but … Read more

Can You Join The Freemasons Online?

Can You Become A Freemason Online?

Can you join the Freemasons online? Unfortunately, we get asked if one can become a Freemason online from developing countries in the sub-Saharan region, and by some misfortune, the idea is that once you become a Freemason, you will instantly become rich, powerful and famous. This stems from wrong information about Freemasonry where one of … Read more

7 Notable Asian Freemasons You Should Know About

notable asian freemasons

Although Freemasonry originated in the West, with the spread of European empires Freemasonry also spread globally in the 17th and 18th centuries. By the end of the 18th century, Freemasons can be found from America to India and from Egypt to Russia. Indeed, it can be said Freemasonry established a truly global network by the … Read more

6 Tips For The Newly Entered Apprentice In Freemasonry

tips for new membetips for new members to freemasonryrs to freemasonry

Every day, hundreds of new candidates join a Masonic lodge thus guaranteeing Freemasonry will stay alive – at least – for the foreseeable future. While all that is exciting and we have our hopes up about Freemasonry, I am sure (as all you experienced brethren know), being a newly entered apprentice is fun, exciting but … Read more

5 Famous Masonic Buildings Around The World

5 famous masonic buildings

Today we’re going to take a trip around the world and visit 5 very famous masonic buildings which are truly glorious and awe-inspiring. I have to credit Wikipedia for helping me create this list (and also for many of the pictures) but I’m glad to say I have visited 3 of these places already and … Read more

What Does The “G” in Freemasonry Mean?

what does the letter g mean in freemasonry

A fraternity illustrated by symbols, Freemasonry has countless different symbols to put its message across to its members and to remind them of the teachings of the fraternity. One that is often misunderstood and which has, over the centuries, been debated over and over again is the letter G, which appears in the most widely … Read more

How To Find A Masonic Lodge To Join

how to find a masonic lodge

So you’d like to join the biggest and oldest fraternities in the world? Good for you! Freemasonry is a beautiful thing. Ask any member and he’ll tell you how Freemasonry has helped him improve himself, his life, and his behavior towards his fellow man. If you’re ready to become a Freemason, all you need to … Read more

The Order Of The Eastern Star (How It Started)

order of the eastern star

With thousands of members in countries across the world, the Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternity in the whole world where both men and women can be members. See our article about women in Freemasonry here.  The Origins of The Eastern Star The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) was established not too long ago in the … Read more

12 Interesting Facts About The Freemasons

curious facts about freemasonry

There are many myths and theories about Freemasonry and it becomes difficult to distinguish between what’s a myth and what’s the truth. Throughout the many years of Freemasonry, rumors have brought about plenty of wrong information, misguided accusations, and all-around “illiteracy” about the Craft. This is why today, we’d like to share some (truthful) facts and trivia about … Read more

The Rosslyn Chapel Pictures (Pictures From My Visit)

Greetings brothers. Glad to say that I have finally had the time to go over the pictures I took of Rosslyn Chapel back in September and here they are for your viewing pleasure. I have already published the pictures I took at the Grand Lodge Of Scotland in Edinburgh, so take a look at that … Read more

90 Masonic Tattoos For Freemasons [VIDEO]

masonic tattoos

Are Masonic tattoos allowed in Freemasonry? The idea of Masonic tattoos showing unmistakable signs of Masonic symbolism can be a bit of a controversial topic. As most of the old-timers in the Craft would point out: “According to your Obligation, you should never print or reveal Masonic symbols in public”. We tend to disagree on … Read more